Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective

Past Meetings:

2017 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Update Meeting

2018 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective Update Meeting


Presentation: 2018 Hepatitis C Update Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective

Maurice Evans, Community Health Educator, ODOC contractor & Chaela Manning, MSW, CADII, Health Educator, ODOC contractor

Katrina Hedberg, MD, MPD, Oregon Health Authority

Ann Thomas, MD, MPD, Oregon Healthy Authority

Presentation: Update on HCV and other infection related to injection drug use – Ann Thomas, MD, MPH

Erin Browne, MPH, Multnomah County Public Health Department

Presentation: Harm Reduction – Beyond Syringes – Erin Browne

Dane  Zahner, Chris Doyle, & Marilyn Mihacsi, HIV Alliance

Presentation: HIV Alliance – Dane Zahner, Chris Doyle & Marilyn Mihacsi

Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Chief, Addiction Medicine Section Oregon health and Science University

Presentation: OR-HOPE Oregon HIV/Hepatitis and Opioid Prevention Engagement – Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH

Tim Menza, MD, PhD, Oregon Health Authority

Presentation: Chime in – Tim Menza

John McIlveen, PhD State Opioid Treatment Authority, Oregon Health Authority

Presentation: Addressing Opioid Use and Misuse in Oregon: Treatment, Recovery and State and Federal Partnerships – John W. McIlveen, Ph.D., LMHC

Andrew Seaman, MD, Central City Concern Assistant Professor of Medicine OHSU, Core Faculty

Presentation: Treatment of Hepatitis C in People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) – Andrew Seaman, MD

Randy Blome, MD Grand Ronde Health and Wellness Center

Presentation: Hepatitis C Elimination Program – Grand Ronde Health & Wellness Center – Randy Blome

Trevor Douglass, DC, MPH

Presentation: Hepatitis C Medicaid Update – Trevor Douglass, DC, MPH

Ann Thomas Award

2020 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective


Jude Leahy

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Hepatitis in Oregon: 2019 in Review

Ann Thomas, MD, MPH

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Clatsop County Harm Reduction Hepatitis A Vaccination

Lisa McClean, RN

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Hepatitis C Screening in Women of Child-bearing Age

Genevieve Buser, MDCM MSHP Pediatric Infectious Diseases

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Hepatitis in Corrections

Ann A. Chakwin, PhD

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Harm Reduction Services in Multnomah County

Erin Browne

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HIV Alliance

Dane Zahner

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HIV Alliance

Leland Hilarides

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Gillian Leichtling

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Central City Concern Elimination Project;

Oregon HCV Elimination ECHO;


Andy Seaman, MD

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Baby Boomers to Elimination

Dr. Randy Blome

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La Clinica 2019 Update

Becky Sherman MPH, RN

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Katy Pranian

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Rural and Frontier Recovery Mentors


Sam Byers

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Caring Ambassadors Program
is pleased to present the
“Ann Thomas Hepatitis Leadership Award”
Bestowed upon
Andrew Seaman, MD
For providing outstanding service to the hepatitis community!
January 6, 2020


Caring Ambassadors Program is pleased to present the
“The Oregon Hepatitis Leadership Award”
Bestowed upon
Patrick Allen
For providing outstanding
Leadership in government to eliminate hepatitis C!
January 6, 2020

2021 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective