Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective

Past Meetings:

2017 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Update Meeting

2018 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective


Presentation: 2018 Hepatitis C Update Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective

Maurice Evans, Community Health Educator, ODOC contractor & Chaela Manning, MSW, CADII, Health Educator, ODOC contractor

Katrina Hedberg, MD, MPD, Oregon Health Authority

Ann Thomas, MD, MPD, Oregon Healthy Authority

Presentation: Update on HCV and other infection related to injection drug use – Ann Thomas, MD, MPH

Erin Browne, MPH, Multnomah County Public Health Department

Presentation: Harm Reduction – Beyond Syringes – Erin Browne

Dane  Zahner, Chris Doyle, & Marilyn Mihacsi, HIV Alliance

Presentation: HIV Alliance – Dane Zahner, Chris Doyle & Marilyn Mihacsi

Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Chief, Addiction Medicine Section Oregon health and Science University

Presentation: OR-HOPE Oregon HIV/Hepatitis and Opioid Prevention Engagement – Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH

Tim Menza, MD, PhD, Oregon Health Authority

Presentation: Chime in – Tim Menza

John McIlveen, PhD State Opioid Treatment Authority, Oregon Health Authority

Presentation: Addressing Opioid Use and Misuse in Oregon: Treatment, Recovery and State and Federal Partnerships – John W. McIlveen, Ph.D., LMHC

Andrew Seaman, MD, Central City Concern Assistant Professor of Medicine OHSU, Core Faculty

Presentation: Treatment of Hepatitis C in People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) – Andrew Seaman, MD

Randy Blome, MD Grand Ronde Health and Wellness Center

Presentation: Hepatitis C Elimination Program – Grand Ronde Health & Wellness Center – Randy Blome

Trevor Douglass, DC, MPH

Presentation: Hepatitis C Medicaid Update – Trevor Douglass, DC, MPH

Ann Thomas Award