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    a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy

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Hepatitis C is curable and easy to diagnose. And still, too many people remain undiagnosed.
Advocacy starts with YOU.
What are you willing to do for your own health?
What might you be willing to do for others?

Change cannot occur without your help. Persistence is the key if we want change. Please join the Caring Ambassadors Program advocacy movement today.

Advocacy Toolkits
Using these tools, you can help raise awareness and increase cure availability
Caring Ambassadors responded to the correlation between the opioid epidemic and rising HCV infections.

Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective
Oregon has one of the highest rates of chronic HCV among states in the US.

“No one should have to live with viral hepatitis without knowing. Yet, globally more than 290 million men, women and children do. Unless there is a massive scale-up in screening, diagnosis and linkage to care, more people will become infected and lives will continue to be lost. The World Hepatitis Alliance’s (WHA) global campaign – Find the Missing Millions – is a three-year global awareness-raising and advocacy campaign aimed at tackling the main barriers to diagnosis by putting civil society organisations and the affected community at the heart of the solution.”


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