The Caring Ambassadors Program uses a unique approach in our work to address the elimination of viral hepatitis and specifically hepatitis C.

Our three main methods to combat hepatitis C are to Empower patients and providers to increase their knowledge of hepatitis C to improve access a cure; to Educate systems and communities on how to integrate viral hepatitis services into existing programming; and to Advocate on behalf of patients and communities to create sound policy, funding and messaging. We are honored to serve the community to help eliminate the largest infectious disease outbreak of our time; we promise to be BOLD in our approach to creating paths to health and making hepatitis C history.

The time is now. 71 million people worldwide are living with chronic Hepatitis C right now. It is the largest chronic infectious disease outbreak of our time…and it’s curable. Talk to your doctor about treatment for your Hepatitis C, and don’t take no for an answer.

CDC Releases 2025 Strategic Plan for preventing and controlling viral hepatitis in the United States. New outcome measures were identified to track national progress toward these goals. These measures are included in the second publication released today, the online 2020 National Viral Hepatitis Progress Report.

MY CHOICES© is a tool to help you recognize and act upon what you can control in your health care journey to achieve optimal healing, regardless of the illness you face. It contains elements of a guide book, health planner, journal, and activity book to help orient you to and plan for the journey ahead.

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Order Educational Materials. Caring Ambassadors Program believes that knowledge is power. We strive to empower patients, systems and communities to increase their knowledge of hepatitis C in effort to eliminate the largest infectious disease outbreak of our time. 

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Hepatitis C News
Week Ending January 25, 2021

Treat Hepatitis C Through a Medical Education Program
“The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a global health concern, because of its progression to cirrhosis, hepatocellular cancer, and liver transplantation, among others. On a worldwide scale, it is reported that about 17 million people live with HCV, with as many as 399,000 deaths attributed to HCV-related liver disease in 2017.3 The increasing health care impact of HCV has been viewed as a cause for concern for many years.”

Can Hep C Really Be Cured Now?
“For 95% of people with hepatitis C, the exciting answer is yes. What’s more, second-round treatments are highly effective at curing the remaining 5%.”

The Importance of Hepatitis C Treatment
“A person can be infected for years without having symptoms of hepatitis C. During that time, their liver is being damaged. A person can be infected for years without having symptoms of hepatitis C. During that time, their liver is being damaged.”

My Choices© Update
Week Ending January 25, 2021

What Does Green Light Therapy Do? Here’s What to Know
“Green light therapy—a band of green light from a specific lamp—may one day be used to help mitigate pain in conditions like migraine or fibromyalgia.”

Eat smart
“You know a healthy diet can help protect your heart, but did you know that choosing the right foods may help to reduce your risk of dementia as well? The same system of blood vessels that helps circulate blood to your heart also supplies your brain. When they become clogged or unhealthy, or your blood pressure rises too high, it’s just as damaging to your mind as it is to your heart.”

Common Sense Health: Questions about the ketogenic diet
“What is a ketogenic diet? How does it differ and is it more effective than other diets? Apart from the hype surrounding this diet, what are the medical concerns about it?”

Federal nutritional guidelines now include recommendations for infants and toddlers
“Dietary recommendations for infants and toddlers are included for the first time in the updated nutritional guidelines published by the departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.”

NIH study compares low-fat, plant-based diet to low-carb, animal-based diet
“People on a low-fat, plant-based diet ate fewer daily calories but had higher insulin and blood glucose levels, compared to when they ate a low-carbohydrate, animal-based diet, according to a small but highly controlled study at the National Institutes of Health.”

Tai chi or yoga? 4 important differences
“Tai chi and yoga have many similarities. Both are gentle, low-intensity exercises that have been practiced for hundreds of years. Both are good for your mind and body (see “Tai chi and yoga benefits”). And both have been shown to be beneficial for older adults in particular. How do you choose one over the other? Several differences can influence your choice.”

The benefits of brief bursts of exercise
“Doing vigorous exercise for just 12 minutes triggers changes in blood levels of substances linked to cardiovascular health, new research finds.”

Intimate links between diet, gut microbes, and health identified
“An international team of scientists found associations between particular bacterial species and metabolic risk factors for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. They were surprised to discover that the gut microbiota — the community of microorganisms living in our intestines — was more strongly associated with a person’s risk of certain illnesses than their genetics. The research suggests that it could be possible to create an individualized diet that adjusts the community of organisms living in a person’s gut to optimize the person’s health.”

Extra support for better health
“Reaching a health or wellness goal is challenging for anyone, whether the objective is losing weight, lowering cholesterol, or improving endurance. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Seek out these pros when you need guidance, support, or inspiration.”

Self-care trends from around the world, from Nelson Mandela’s one-people philosophy to cow cuddling and taking a hay bath
“Travel is still off-limits for many of us, but here are some less common ways to lift your spirit and your health from around the world to consider adding to your bucket list — or trying yourself at home, if you can.”

Just Move: Scientist Author Debunks Myths About Exercise And Sleep


“Qigong is quite literally “Moving Meditation”. As with all meditation practices, Qigong has an incredibly calming effect on the central nervous system. As the mind, breath, and body are connected to the moment, the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged and the brain releases all sorts of feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine.”

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