The Caring Ambassadors Program uses a unique approach in our work to address the elimination of viral hepatitis and specifically hepatitis C.

Our three main methods to combat hepatitis C are to Empower patients and providers to increase their knowledge of hepatitis C to improve access a cure; to Educate systems and communities on how to integrate viral hepatitis services into existing programming; and to Advocate on behalf of patients and communities to create sound policy, funding and messaging. We are honored to serve the community to help eliminate the largest infectious disease outbreak of our time; we promise to be BOLD in our approach to creating paths to health and making hepatitis C history.

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Hepatitis C News
Week Ending September 16, 2019

Hepatitis C Vaccine Disappoints, Another in the Works
‘The recent failure of a promising hepatitis C vaccine has the medical community eagerly awaiting news on another vaccine candidate to be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU) 2019.’

Role of Platelets and Vascular Injury in Liver Disease Pathogenesis
‘In patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) with early fibrosis and cirrhosis, the decline in platelet count and growth factors (GFs) suggests that platelets are a key source of GFs and influence GF decline, according to study results published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences.’

Incidence of hospitalization for infection among patients with hepatitis B or C virus infection without cirrhosis in Taiwan: A cohort study
‘Infection is a major complication in liver cirrhosis and causes major morbidity and mortality. However, the incidence and mortality related to these conditions in patients infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) are unclear, as is whether antiviral therapy could change their infection risk’

Integrative Health & Medicine News
Week Ending September 16, 2019

Major review asks which supplements really aid mental health
“Controversy surrounds the inclusion of nutritional supplements in mental health treatments, with much research proving inconclusive. A major new review now explains which supplements have shown the most promise for specific mental health conditions.”

The Not-So-New Rules of Healthy Eating
“Since 1980, the government-issued Dietary Guidelines for Americans have been the de facto bible of healthy eating. They’re updated every five years based on an ever evolving body of nutrition research, but despite constant headlines proclaiming breakthroughs in diet science, they haven’t changed all that much in the past four decades.”

Complementary Therapies and Patients With Cancer: Pearls for Avoiding Adverse Events
“Complementary therapies, such as supplements or aromatherapy, have the potential to benefit patients with cancer, but can also trigger adverse events when they interact with oncology medications.”

Need for Massage Therapy Continues to Grow
“Massage therapy is a therapeutic discipline that is used for various physical benefits. This discipline utilizes different therapeutic techniques to heal and relax a person’s body.

Healing Foods Diet For Good Health: Does It Work?
“It’s no secret that what you take from the grocery store and stack up on your refrigerator would determine how your health would be like moving forward.”

WHO urge nutrition interventions against worrying global trends
“Nutrition is at the core of health management. Without good nutrition, people face a much greater risk of developing health problems.”

3 Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies
“Many people believe that malnutrition is not a problem in developed worlds, including the U.S. The country has an abundant food supply that could help meet the population’s nutritional needs. “

Exercising while restricting calories could be bad for bone health
“A new study published today in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research shows how bones in mammals are negatively impacted by calorie restriction, and particularly by the combination of exercise and calorie restriction.”

Four reasons to focus on family health and fitness
“Many people think about ways to stay physically fit as individuals. But what about creating a health and fitness plan for the entire family?”

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