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Weekly news updates are currently posted on the Internet site and sent out via e-blast to provide up-to-date information on what has been covered in the news regarding hepatitis C in the previous week. Topics include all stories related to hepatitis C as well as personal stories and events.

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Hepatitis C News
Week Ending September 16, 2019

Hepatitis C Vaccine Disappoints, Another in the Works
‘The recent failure of a promising hepatitis C vaccine has the medical community eagerly awaiting news on another vaccine candidate to be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU) 2019.’

Role of Platelets and Vascular Injury in Liver Disease Pathogenesis
‘In patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) with early fibrosis and cirrhosis, the decline in platelet count and growth factors (GFs) suggests that platelets are a key source of GFs and influence GF decline, according to study results published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences.’

Incidence of hospitalization for infection among patients with hepatitis B or C virus infection without cirrhosis in Taiwan: A cohort study
‘Infection is a major complication in liver cirrhosis and causes major morbidity and mortality. However, the incidence and mortality related to these conditions in patients infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) are unclear, as is whether antiviral therapy could change their infection risk’