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Hepatitis C News

Hepatitis C News
Week Ending September 20, 2021

Health department offers treatments for Hepatitis C
“It’s been three years since the Carteret County Health Department started its Hepatitis C treatment program, and 122 patients have completed treatment. That may not seem like much, but it can take up to eight months to finish treatments, depending on the medication used, according to health department family nurse practitioner Jessica Harris.”

Effects of Short vs Standard Course Therapy With Sofosbuvir-Velpatasvir in Patients With Heptatitis C Virus
“In patients with recently diagnosed hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, a 6-week course of therapy with sofosbuvir-velpatasvir appeared to be less effective compared with standard 12-week therapy, according to results of a study published in the Journal of Hepatology.”

Prompt attention and action is the need of the hour to limit hepatitis
“Hepatitis is major health concern especially in developing and under developed countries. In fact, greater awareness about viral hepatitis is critical to limit the spread and subsequently to eradicate the condition from our country.”

Predicting Which Patients Will Develop HCC After HCV Treatment
“The Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) score may be a useful marker for predicting which patients with hepatitis C treated with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) will go on to develop hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), according to a study published in Molecular and Clinical Oncology.”

What to know about testing for hepatitis
“Hepatitis is a group of viral liver diseases, including hepatitis A, B, and C. Doctors use a hepatitis panel, a type of blood test, to diagnose hepatitis.”

Structural insights into hepatitis C virus receptor binding and entry
“Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a causal agent of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in humans, and afflicts more than 70 million people worldwide. The HCV envelope glycoproteins E1 and E2 are responsible for the binding of the virus to the host cell, but the exact entry process remains undetermined.”

Hepatitis C and diabetes: What is the link?
“The hepatitis C virus (HCV) spreads through contact with blood. It can cause an acute or chronic infection. If HCV becomes chronic, it can contribute to liver damage and the development of other conditions, including diabetes.”

Hepatitis C News

Hepatitis C News
Week Ending September 13, 2021

Dr. Parikh on Future Research Directions in Hepatitis C-Related HCC
“Neehar Parikh, MD, medical director, Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Clinic, medical director, Living Donor Liver Transplantation Program, assistant professor, University of Michigan Health, Michigan Medicine, discusses future research directions in hepatitis C-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).”

HCV Patients with HIV Coinfection Have Triple the Risk for Non-Liver-Related Cancer
“Patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections who had an HIV coinfection had a 3.7-fold higher risk of non-liver-related cancer than those without HIV coinfection, according to a new study in France.”

Pathogenesis of hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma: evidence from recent studies
“Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) represents primary liver cancer and is problematic worldwide because it is the major reason for cancer-related death. Various risk factors for developing HCC include advanced liver fibrosis, alcohol abuse, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), primary biliary cholangitis, and autoimmune hepatitis. Particularly, infection of chronic hepatitis virus is an important risk factor for HCC, although viral activities could be efficiently controlled with the use of oral medications.”

Hepatitis C and joint pain: What is the link?
“The hepatitis C virus (HCV) often does not always cause symptoms, but if the infection becomes chronic, it can cause complications over time. One of these is joint inflammation and pain.”

Impact of Subscription-Based Payment Models on Hepatitis C Virus Prescription Fills Covered by Medicaid in Louisiana, Washington
“For individuals with hepatitis C virus (HCV) enrolled in Medicaid, the implementation of a subscription-based payment model (SBPM) was associated with a significant increase in prescription fills of Medicaid-covered HCV medications among those residing in Louisiana, but not among those in Washington, according to study results published in JAMA Health Forum.“

My Choices News

Week Ending September 13, 2021

NIH research projects on interoception to improve understanding of brain-body function
“The National Institutes of Health is awarding seven projects a total of $18.15 million over five years to a new effort focused on interoception—the ways in which organisms sense and regulate signals within their bodies. Interoception is not well understood and is a new area of research focus for NIH. This coordinated effort, which involves multiple NIH Institutes and Centers, will address critical knowledge gaps and challenges in understanding interoception that are not tackled by other major NIH research initiatives.”

The Secret Side Effect of Exercising for Just 60 Seconds, Says Study“In today’s modern exercise era when high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage, most fitness fanatics are well aware of the fact that you can get pretty fit in a fairly short amount of time.”

The Health Benefits of Essential Oils for Congestive Heart Failure
“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease accounts for nearly one in every four deaths in the country each year.”

Is Seafood Healthy? Types, Nutrition, Benefits, and Risks
“There’s no doubt that seafood can positively influence health. Decades of scientific research have shown that diets high in seafood may help protect you from a variety of health conditions.”

What Is Holistic Health and Wellness?
“When you think of visiting the doctor, you likely think about your physical health. However, physical health is only one aspect of wellness, which is why more medical professionals are working toward encouraging complete wellness with holistic approaches.”

Coaching the Medically Hesitant Patient
“John made an appointment to be seen in my clinic for “frozen shoulder.” When he came into my office I was shocked; his shoulder was the size of a basketball. The mass was impressive, to say the least: there were open sores from the skin being stretched so thin, it was hard to the touch and slightly warm – all signs this was a case for a trip to the hospital.”

How Complementary Therapies Help Me Prevent Migraines
“As I’ve learned more about my migraines — and triggers — over the years, I’ve also tried several alternative therapies to help me manage them. Some work well, especially if I’m good about doing them consistently. Others seem to just be a waste of time and energy. It’s hard to navigate since you really have to give things a legitimate try before writing anything off. It’s draining, exhausting, time consuming, and often expensive to manage.”

Is Turmeric Good Medicine?
“For hundreds of years, turmeric has been used not just as an earthy flavor enhancer but also as a remedy. People have turned to the spice—and to supplements made from one of its active components, curcumin—to treat a wide variety of ills, especially pain from the inflammation that comes with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.”

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water
“The next time you’ve got to quench your thirst, consider reaching for coconut water. The trendy beverage is full of natural vitamins and minerals that aid in hydration and is frequently found in smoothies and other recipes such as salad dressings.”

The Mood-Boosting Power of Flower Essence Therapy
“Flower remedies, or essences, are extracts from the botanicals themselves that are thought to contain mood-enhancing, beautifying, and healing capabilities. Flower and essence therapy generally refer to a type of therapy that uses bespoke flower essences for emotional health and balance—there isn’t just one type of flower therapy, however.“

Hepatitis C News

Week Ending September 7, 2021

What to Do If You’re Denied Insurance Coverage for Hepatitis C
“Hepatitis C is a viral infection that damages the liver. Nearly 2.4 million people in the United States live with the condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)”

Understanding Hepatitis C in Children
“Hepatitis C is a viral infection that impacts between 2.4 and 4.7 million people in the United States alone, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. And of those individuals, the American Liver Foundation reports that an estimated 23,000 to 46,000 are children.”

Study: Carving Out Hepatitis C Therapies from Medicaid Managed Care Increases Use
“Carve-out benefits of antiviral hepatitis C medications from Medicaid managed care prescription drug coverage can increase access and reduce economic burden of untreated hepatitis C infections, according to a recent study published in JAMA Health Forum.”

Do You Know Enough About Hepatitis?
“Hepatitis, known as liver inflammation among the people, occurs mostly with viral effects. Saying that hepatitis, which is mostly manifested by symptoms such as jaundice, loss of appetite, and fatigue, will become chronic if not treated, one of the Doctor Calendar experts, Internal Diseases Specialist. Dr. Tuğba Taşcı recommends eating healthy, giving importance to hygiene and getting vaccinated to prevent hepatitis.”

My Choices News

Week Ending September 7, 2021

How To Spot The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Inflammation
“The “I” word is a biggie in the health world: inflammation. And it has somewhat of a split personality. Inflammation occurs naturally in the body and plays a key role in helping you recover from injury, trauma, and even a simple cut”

What is Reiki, and Does it Really Work?
“Maybe you’ve heard of reiki but don’t quite know what it is. Maybe you’re considering reiki but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you. Or maybe your doctor has suggested reiki as a form of therapy complementary to your existing medical treatments.”

Eating walnuts daily may lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
“A growing body of scientific research suggests that walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, may protect against heart disease. Over the years, a number of studies have investigated whether consuming walnuts might reduce cardiovascular risk factors”

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Tai Chi, From Improved Balance to Pain Relief
“We’ve all been told to move more, but if you have a limited range of motion, Tai Chi can help you reach your fitness goals—and reap other benefits too. It’s a traditional Chinese wellness practice comprised of a series of movements that you perform slowly and purposefully.”

Your Essential Guide To Essential Oils
“Essential oils are currently enjoying a renaissance in the world of holistic health and wellness—with fans touting their benefits for everything/effectiveness in treating everything from stress and anxiety to nausea and pain”

National Nutrition Week: Exploring The Ayurvedic Connection Between Emotions, Body Organs And Nutrition
“National Nutrition Week is observed to spread awareness about good nutrition, and health. This week, let us understand the little known ayurvedic connection between food, body organs and emotions”

9 Intriguing Benefits of Tangerines
“Like oranges, tangerines are orange in color — although some varieties may have shades of green or red. However, they’re a bit smaller and less round and are easier to peel by hand. They also have a sweeter taste.”

Kava shows benefits of herbal medicine
“A root native to the western Pacific Islands has made its way to the U.S., bringing with it helpful medicinal properties. Kava is rapidly gaining popularity due to its physical and mental health benefits. Studies have determined that it can aid in weight loss; help users cope with pain; and reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia.”

Hepatitis C News

Week Ending August 30, 2021

What to know about hepatitis C in newborns
“Hepatitis C in newborns may occur if the person who birthed them has acquired infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). This happens when an unborn child contracts the infection while in the womb.”

Hepatitis C treatment to be provided to children by NHS
“Children in England are set to be the first in the world to be offered direct acting antiviral (DAA) tablets for hepatitis C, as part of National Health Service (NHS) plans to eradicate the disease entirely.”

A New Road Map to Help Countries End Hepatitis B and C by 2030
“It’s estimated that 58 million people are living with chronic hepatitis C across the globe, and about 1.5 million new infections occur each year. In the United States, about 3.5 million people have chronic hepatitis C, and nearly 41,200 new cases were reported in 2016, a number that’s expected to increase because of the opioid epidemic.”

What Is Hepatitis D?
“Delta hepatitis or hepatitis D virus (HDV) is a viral infection of the liver.1 You can get hepatitis D only once you’ve already been infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV).”

Pamela Anderson health: Bay Watch star’s ‘death sentence’ diagnosis – symptoms
“Far from the gossip that is usually shared about the star, Pamela Anderson revealed she had contracted the blood virus after sharing a tattoo needle with former husband Tommy Lee. Although speculation surrounding the truth in how she got the disease spread across the media at the time.”

Test for Hepatitis C During Every Pregnancy
“As of April 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that prenatal care providers screen all pregnant persons for hepatitis C, a liver infection caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Chronic HCV infection does not cause symptoms in most people but can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.”

My Choices News

Week Ending August 30, 2021

What Is an Elimination or Exclusion Diet?
“Most diets are designed to help you lose weight or improve your health. An elimination diet is different. The goal with this plan is to help you feel better by identifying foods that are making you sick.”

Functional medicine: what it is and whether it’s right for you
“Functional medicine is a unique health care model that is growing in popularity among clinicians nationwide as demand increases among the patient population, particularly among people coping with chronic illness.”

What is Craniosacral Therapy?
“Smart consumers know that caveat emptor is the golden rule to observe before opening one’s wallet. The same standard should apply when it comes to signing up for what are known as “alternative” or “complementary” health and wellness therapies.”

The merger of conventional medical treatment with integrative medicine
“Tracy Gosson was first diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in April 2019 after feeling tired and not like herself for months. During her treatment, the founder of the branding and marketing company Sagesse began researching integrated treatment options.”

Majority of people with spinal cord injury use complementary and integrative healthcare
“In a cross-sectional self-report study led by experts from five Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems Centers, a survey of people with spinal cord injury revealed that 80 percent of participants were current or previous users of complementary and integrative healthcare approaches such as multivitamins, massage, and acupuncture.”

7 Surprising Foods That Can Interfere With Your Sleep
“Caffeine, whether it’s in the form of coffee, tea, or even chocolate, is a proven sleep disrupter, research has shown. But if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, those foods aren’t the only ones in your diet that may be responsible. Other things you consume before bed can also interfere with your sleep, depending on how your body reacts.”

Hepatitis C News

Week Ending August 23, 2021

WHO releases global guidance for HBV, HCV elimination
“WHO released the first-ever global guidance for countries seeking validated hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus elimination.”

Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir – A Promising Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
“Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide and has an enormous global public health impact. Chronic HCV is a long-term infection that goes unnoticed until the virus destroys the liver enough to induce liver disease symptoms. The inadequate and poorly tolerated treatment contributes to the burden of chronic HCV.”

Hepatocellular carcinoma risk in hepatitis C stage-3 fibrosis after sustained virological response with direct-acting antivirals
“Except in males over 55 years old, the prevalence of primary liver tumours was minimal after sustained virological response and much below the threshold for cost-effectiveness of screening in a large, well-defined cohort of patients with baseline hepatitis C stage-3 fibrosis.”

Hepatitis C Eradication Linked to Lower Mortality in People With Mild Fibrosis
“Curing hepatitis C in people with mild liver fibrosis reduced the risk of death from liver-related and other causes, according to findings published in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis.”

Hepatitis C kidney transplant: Is it possible?
“Some people living with hepatitis C can receive a kidney transplant if their kidneys fail. These individuals can also donate a kidney if they are otherwise healthy and a doctor agrees that it is appropriate.”

My Choices News

Week Ending August 23, 2021

A Mixed Bag: Traditional Medicine Meets Evidence-Based Alternatives
“As a child, Peter Lio, MD, FAAD, was an enthusiast for all things mysterious — telepathy, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster. Despite this fascination, Lio, the founding director of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center and clinical assistant professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Northwestern University, found himself in the evidence-based world of medicine.”

A holistic approach to immune support
“Heading back to school can bring on an extra dose of stress. This year is no different, with many children going back for in-person instruction, creating layers of questions and concerns surrounding exposure and possible quarantine procedures.”

5 Ways to Support Your Mental Wellness During Radiation Therapy
“Radiation therapy has various physical side effects, but the process of cancer treatment undoubtedly impacts your mental well-being, as well. Experimental evidence from the National Cancer Institute suggests that psychological stress can affect a tumor’s ability to grow and spread. This implies that a healthy mind translates to a healthy body.”

Spreading like wildfire: Podcast for veterans is a success
“Signal Fire is a podcast made by veterans for veterans, and it’s all about spreading positive messages.”

How Box Breathing Can Help You Destress
“If you’ve ever felt anxious or overwhelmed, some well-intentioned person has probably given you the advice, “Just breathe.” When you’re in the midst of a stressful moment, though, that can be much easier said than done.”

Study suggests a single skills-based session on pain management packs a punch
“A single two-hour session of a pain management skills class could offer as much benefit as eight sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for patients experiencing chronic low-back pain (CLBP), suggests a study published in JAMA Network Open.”

Swimming is good exercise for better health and to avoid injuries
“Swimming is often touted as a great workout for all ages, offering benefits not only for the body, but also for the mind. As a form of exercise, swimming keeps your heart rate up and builds muscle strength. It also can be a great form of stress relief.”

Time-Restricted Eating Has Important Health Benefits – Even With Infectious Diseases Such As COVID-19
“Time-restricted eating (TRE), a dietary regimen that restricts eating to specific hours, has garnered increased attention in weight-loss circles. A new study by Salk scientists further shows that TRE confers multiple health benefits besides weight loss. The study also shows that these benefits may depend on sex and age.”

10 Things Dietitians Do Every Day to Combat Inflammation
“While you can’t always see or feel it, chronic inflammation may be slowly harming your body. Left unchecked, it can even contribute to chronic diseases and premature aging.”

Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Meal Replacement Shakes, Say Dietitians
“If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have time to make a healthy breakfast, you probably love meal replacement shakes. Too busy at work to take a break for a sit-down lunch? Make it a liquid lunch. Meal replacements are totally convenient. They’re quick and simple to make. Heck, you don’t even have to dirty a blender if you buy the bottled kind. They’re easy nutrition. No chewing required.”

Hepatitis C News

Week Ending August 16, 2021

‘Game changing’ Former addict who battled Hepatitis C for 20-years opens up on life-changing treatment
“Former heroin user Scott MacBlack, a 42-year-old dad from Irvine, Ayrshire, told how previous interventions did not work and it was only when he went to prison he heard about the Direct Acting Antivirals (DAA) treatment. One pill a day for 12 weeks completely cured the condition he had been battling for 20 years.”

North Adams native receives international recognition for work addressing hepatitis C
“After new treatment became available for hepatitis C, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs began an effort to screen and treat more veterans for the infection. At the helm of that initiative: Dr. Angela Park, a North Adams native and clinical pharmacy specialist who works remotely for the Veterans Health Administration based in Washington.”

Decreased Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Directly Acting Antiviral Therapy in Patients with Hepatitis C–Related Advanced Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
“Incidence of HCC was significantly lower in patients with HCV-related advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis treated with DAAs than in a historical cohort of untreated patients. Decompensated cirrhosis, baseline AFP ≥ 10 ng/mL, diabetes, and nonresponse to DAA were independent risk factors of incident HCC.”

VA Study Finds Alarming Gaps in Cirrhosis Diagnosis
“New research has found that nearly half of patients who receive care at Veterans Health Administration hospitals have risk factors for liver disease. Yet, fewer than 10% of patients with these risk factors and markedly abnormal fibrosis scoring or transient elastography receive a diagnosis of cirrhosis.”

Approaching the Identification and Management of HCC


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