Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective

Oregon has one of the highest rates of chronic HCV among states in the US and has reported significant associated mortality. [i] Since 2000, HCV-related mortality rates in Oregon have nearly tripled and have consistently been higher than the national average[ii].

The Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective was formed 4 years ago to respond to this public health crisis in Oregon. The Collective includes members of the Oregon Health Authority, people with lived experiences, community-based agencies, local health departments, primary care clinics, substance abuse treatment programs, syringe exchange programs, corrections health, and other stakeholders who are interested in addressing viral hepatitis prevention, testing, and care. The Collective has established work groups and action steps to eliminate hepatitis C infection in Oregon.


The Collective is open to all who are interested. We meet monthly via phone or web on the last Thursday of the month at 5:15PM for one hour.
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Enjoy the meeting presentations below from the 2021 Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective Virtual Meeting where we:
• Shared recent viral hepatitis public health, health system and community data, programs and accomplishments;
• Discussed viral hepatitis prevention, screening and treatment priorities in Oregon; and
• Engaged in dialogue about activating champions and engaging with community partners and decision-makers to prevent new viral hepatitis infections, cure people living with hepatitis C and eliminate hepatitis C in Oregon.

[i] Oregon Health Authority. Hepatitis C Infections in Oregon: May 2017. Salem, OR: 1-8; 2018.
[ii] ibid

Thank you to all the members of the Oregon Viral Hepatitis Collective for your dedication to eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat and making a better life for all Oregonians.

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