Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements May Reduce Cancer Risk, Study Shows
“Experts explain how the combination could be a double-edged sword, though.”

Appropriate Statin Use Soars When Pharmacists on Board
“The odds of prescribing the appropriate dose of statins increased sixfold when automated referrals were made to pharmacy services to prescribe the medications, rather than waiting for the doctor, according to a presentation at the 2023 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, in Philadelphia (abstract 23096).”

Health Equity Week Explores the Leap From Promises to Practice
“Faculty, residents, trainees and students from Feinberg, the local community and beyond recently came together for Health Equity Week, a weeklong series of educational programming designed to expose the roots of healthcare inequities as well as avenues to address them.”

New pill can mimic the health benefits of exercise
“In a breakthrough development, scientists are on the brink of creating a pill that could simulate the health benefits traditionally obtained from exercise. This novel approach is aimed at combating muscle deterioration and various medical ailments, including heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders.”

Wearing a sports bra that’s too tight may impact your workout, study finds
“Choosing what to wear to exercise can be a matter of fashion, comfort or convenience, but new research suggests that women may want to pay special attention to one particular aspect of their workout wear: the sports bra. When a sports bra is too tight during exercise, it can impair breathing and impact energy and performance, according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine.”

Weight loss caused by common diabetes drug tied to “anti-hunger” molecule in study
“A Stanford Medicine study found that metformin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug associated with moderate weight loss, stimulates production of lac-phe, a molecule abundant after exercise.”

Eliminating socioeconomic disparities in youth physical activity could save over $15 billion, study shows
“What would happen if the existing disparities in physical activity levels between youth of lower and higher socioeconomic statuses were eliminated? Previous studies have shown that those between 6–17 years of age in lower socioeconomic groups get on average 10%–15% less physical activity than those of higher socioeconomic groups.”

Superior to standard soda? Trying prebiotic “pop”
“From bananas and artichokes to… soda? A new gut-friendly health food has made its way to refrigerators, but it‘s not your typical fruit, veggie, or bacteria and yeast gelatinous-sponge-looking thing. It’s prebiotic soda. I can’t say I’ve ever been asked to list the nutrition benefits of a bubbly beverage, but this may be the outlier.”

Why Immersion in Very Cold or Hot Water Can Be So Healthy
“March 13, 2024 – There’s a good chance you’ve come across this popular 10-second social media narrative:
Hard-bodied individual looks into the camera. Zooms out to show they’re wearing only a beanie and a bathing suit. Hey, I’m about to dunk myself in freezing water. Voluntarily! Because I love-hate-love-hate it! Really! You should too.
Should you?”

Breathe, don’t vent: Turning down the heat is key to managing anger
“Venting about a source of anger might feel good in the moment, but it’s not effective at reducing the rage, new research suggests. Instead, techniques often used to address stress — deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga or even counting to 10 — have been shown to be more effective at decreasing anger and aggression.”