Egypt Expands Global Health Influence: Delivers Hepatitis C Medication to Uzbekistan
“In a significant move towards combating hepatitis C globally, Egypt has delivered another batch of ‘Sofosbuvir-400mg’ medication to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, marking a milestone in the countries’ health cooperation. This action underlines Egypt’s rising role in global health diplomacy and its commitment to supporting other nations in their fight against debilitating diseases.”

Bipartisan effort underway to eliminate Hepatitis C in U.S.
“WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – A recent surveillance report from HepVu found the U.S. lacks the necessary funding and resources to combat viral hepatitis. Now, Louisiana and Maryland Senators are working on legislation to fund treatment which could change some American’s lives.”

Many patients face barriers in accessing treatments for hepatitis C
“While highly effective treatments for hepatitis C are available worldwide, many people — especially those living in poorer countries — are not able to access these medications, according to a new study that highlights barriers to care for this liver disease.”

VA’s HCV elimination program ‘incredibly successful’
“Among 133,732 veterans with HCV, 80.1% initiated treatment and 91.6% achieved SVR. Younger veterans were less likely to initiate treatment and achieve SVR.”

It’s Official: More Than Half of State Medicaid Programs No Longer Require Prior Authorization for First-Time Hepatitis C Treatment
“Newly updated for 2024, state report cards herald the end of fibrosis restrictions while warning about needs for parity with managed care organizations and restrictive retreatment policies.”

Broad Access to Direct-Acting Antivirals Reduces HCV Reinfections in Patients With HIV
“Broad access to direct-acting antiviral therapy has reduced the incidence of hepatitis C virus reinfection in patients with HIV; however, the relative contribution of reinfection to the total number primary and subsequent reinfections combined has increased.”