Real-World Value of Direct-Acting Antivirals for Hepatitis C at Kaiser Permanente Southern California
“Results: A total of 7255 patients with a mean age of 59 years were treated during the study period. Over a lifetime horizon, DAAs resulted in significant reduction in advanced liver disease events and a total cost savings of $1 billion compared with no treatment based on a hybrid decision-tree Markov state-transition model. Cost savings were achieved after only 3 years. DAA intervention dominated no treatment on a per-patient and cohort basis.”

A War on Another Front: Ukraine’s Fight Against Hepatitis C
“”It doesn’t matter if they kill me, but it’s better to die healthy,” said 48-year-old Maksym, as he told his story about how he overcame hepatitis C virus (HCV) while living in an area of east Ukraine that’s been under regular Russian bombardment.”

New care model delivers hepatitis C treatment to most vulnerable
“Breakthrough treatments introduced over the last decade have transformed hepatitis C from a chronic and potentially deadly infectious disease into one that can be cured. But these medications have often been beyond the reach of those who are most vulnerable to the virus that causes it: people who inject drugs and lack stable housing.”

Liver Cancer Declined After Advent of Hepatitis C Treatment
“After rising for more than a decade, new cases of liver cancer began to decline among people with hepatitis C in New York City after the advent of effective antiviral treatment, according to study findings presented at IDWeek 2023. While more people were diagnosed at early stages, improvements in screening and surveillance are still needed.”

Medicare Enrollees Can Switch Coverage Now. Here’s What’s New and What to Consider.
“New limit on out-of-pocket drug costs will help people who take expensive medications for conditions like cancer or hepatitis.”