We are pleased to announce the launch of the “GREENLIGHT Hepatitis C” project.  GREENLIGHT Hepatitis C will provide guidance and information for step-by-step development of hepatitis C testing, patient identification, linkage to CURE and long-term support for those affected by hepatitis C and the people who care for them.

Since most people with hepatitis C (sometimes called Hep C or HCV) are unaware of their infection, initial installments of GREENLIGHT Hepatitis C focus on TESTING, or screening, of people at higher risk for infection.  Future installments will consider system adjustments which can foster testing and linkage to care and cure processes.

Why did we Initiate the Greenlight Series?

Left untreated hepatitis C may lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, liver transplant or death.  Hepatitis C is now causes more death in the US than all other infectious diseases combined.  Hepatitis C is a major to the public’s health and well-being,  BUT it can be CURED.

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