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CDC recommends everyone at risk and those 18 or older get a one-time test for hepatitis C.

The hepatitis C virus was first identified in 1989; a test to detect exposure to HCV became available in1992. The hepatitis C virus is very easily transmitted by contact with infected blood. Anyone who received a blood transfusion or other blood products prior to 1992 may have unknowingly been exposed to HCV and should be tested.

If the risk fits, Get tested!

Are you at Risk? 

  • born from 1945- 1965
  • blood transfusion, blood products (plasma, immune globulin, platelets, etc.) or organ transplant from infected donor, especially prior to 1992
  • injecting drug use and other shared drug paraphernalia
  • exposure to others’ blood through shared needles or drug paraphernalia (even many years ago and even if it was only once) may be the source of hepatitis C infection.
  • exposure to infected blood through occupation, manicures, pedicures, piercings, tattoos, sports, sharing personal care items (razors, toothbrushes, etc.)
  • unsterile medical injections or poorly sterilized medical equipment
    -Although most medical facilities go to great lengths to be sure all equipment is sterilized, there have been reported cases of hepatitis C traced back to the use of reused or incompletely sterilized medical equipment.
  • birth to an HCV-infected mother
    -The risk of transmission from a mother with hepatitis C to her baby is approximately 5-10%. The risk is higher if the mother is also infected with HIV. The risk of transmission from mother to baby is not affected by the delivery method.
  • sex with infected partner
    -This is an uncommon route of transmitting the hepatitis C virus, especially among long-term monogamous couples. The risk of sexual transmission is increased among people with multiple sexual partners, and when sexual practices result in blood-to-blood exposure.
  • combat exposure
  • incarceration

No one is immune to hepatitis C.

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