Mayor Adams, American College of Lifestyle Medicine Announce $44 Million to Offer Lifestyle Medicine Foundational Training to Every NYC Health Care Practitioner
“NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) today announced a new partnership — as a result of a massive $44 million investment by ACLM — to provide every New York City health care practitioner with free introductory training in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, enabling practitioners to integrate evidence-based content into their clinical practice to treat certain health conditions. The initial phase will include practitioners at 20 hospitals and health systems that serve millions of New Yorkers. The $44 million investment from ACLM will cover training for up to 200,000 doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and other health care professionals in New York City and is the largest lifestyle medicine training rollout in the world.”

The Promise of Precision Nutrition Research
“Precision nutrition is the central focus of the 2020-2030 Strategic Plan for NIH Nutrition Research. NICHD played a key role in shaping the plan and ensuring that our populations of interest—women, children, and people with disabilities—were included in NIH’s long-term nutrition strategy. The plan guides research to understand how what we eat affects us, investigate what and when we should eat for optimal health, define the role of nutrition across the lifespan, and determine how we can improve the use of food as medicine.”

The carnivore diet: What eating only meat does to your health, a nutritionist explains
“The meat-only diet has gone viral on social media, with its proponents claiming that humans evolved to exist on animal protein alone. But how healthy is it?”

UCSF is First to Integrate Records Across Medical and Dental
“Move Provides Patients and Clinicians More Comprehensive View of Overall Health”

Expert: 5 Simple Techniques to Keep Holiday Stress in Check
“Wellness expert and medical school professor Anne Weisman shares tips from her mind-body training that anyone can use to de-stress and find balance during the holiday season.”

Insomnia: Cardiovascular Exercise May Reduce the Need for Sleeping Pills
“If you have difficulty sleeping, you’re not alone. In fact, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. A lack of quality sleep can negatively affect your ability to function on a daily basis. That’s why many people who have insomnia may turn to sleeping pills to get some much-needed shuteye. But according to a recent study from Norwegian researchers, there is another solution for insomnia that may reduce the need for sleep aids: cardiovascular fitness.”

Consistent exercise linked to beneficial epigenetic changes, twin-study shows
“Consistent exercise can change not just waistlines but the very molecules in the human body that influence how genes behave, a new study of twins indicates.”

Have High Cholesterol? A Simple Test Can Show if You Actually Need a Statin
“So you need to do something about your cholesterol. But what, exactly? Not everyone wants to take a prescription statin. And not everyone should. One simple test may have your answer. “A coronary artery calcium test is fast and easy,” says Gregory Salber, MD, a heart expert who sees patients at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and throughout Fairfield County. When used with other health info, it’s a great tool to show if you actually need a statin.”

Just a couple minutes of vigorous activity several times a day might lower one’s risk of death
“A little exertion can go a long way in improving health, according to a new study. The research, published Thursday in the journal Nature Medicine, suggests that short bursts of intense movement — the kind that leaves you huffing and puffing — is associated with a lower risk of premature death.”