4 Supplements You Shouldn’t Be Taking If You Have High Cholesterol, According to a Dietitian “Treatment for high cholesterol includes changes in diet, exercise, smoking cessation and sometimes medications. But, can supplements help?” Health Coaching Program Shows Promise for Managing Student Stress “North Carolina State University researchers found in a recent study that before disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak, a group of college students had higher average physical activity in a pilot wellness program that combined health coaching with exercise and sleep tracking. And while students’ average physical activity declined in the program after pandemic restrictions began, student feedback showed the program provided important wellness insights.” Stress Can Affect Your Ability to Think Clearly, Study Finds “According to a new study Trusted Source just published in JAMA Network Open, people with elevated stress levels may have worsened cognitive function, affecting their memory, concentration, and ability to learn.” Study: Non-discriminatory state-level insurance can improve access to gender-affirming care “COLUMBUS, Ohio – Implementation of a state-level insurance policy that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression can increase access to gender-affirming surgical care, according to a new study by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine.” How Mindfulness Affects the Brain and Body “Mindfulness – a moment-to-moment, nonjudgmental awareness of one’s internal states and surroundings – boasts benefits ranging from stress reduction to enlightenment. However, scientific investigations of mindfulness paint a complex picture. Yes, it can boost physical and psychological well-being. But it is not a panacea and can even be counter-indicated for certain individuals. Despite significant progress over the past two decades, research on mindfulness is still riddled with various conceptual and methodological challenges. This is why, according to Vago, the question What does mindfulness really do? has no simple answer.” How meditation can teach us to love ourselves and others “We have this little inner narrator that chases us out of bed in the morning and is yammering at us all day long, constantly sort of wanting stuff, not wanting stuff, judging people, judging ourselves, comparing ourselves to other people instead of focusing on what’s happening right now.” Video: Teachers, Try This: Strengthen Students’ Emotional Intelligence in 1 Minute a Day “Mari Monroe is a high school teacher in San Diego who’s also a yoga instructor. When she started to incorporate elements around mindfulness from her yoga practice into the classroom, she realized just how eager students were for that type of instruction. Here, she explains how she teaches and incorporates mindfulness through daily lessons she’s dubbed the ‘Mindful Minute,’ and offers advice for teachers looking to do the same, regardless of their comfort or familiarity with the topic.”