Week Ending August 22, 2022

CDC: Less than 1 in 3 people with health insurance get hepatitis C treatment within year of diagnosis
“It’s estimated more than 2 million people in the United States are living with hepatitis C. Now, new government data shows many patients are not getting treatment for the deadly, but curable infection.”

The Two Simple Edicts of Successful Addiction Treatment
“On a chilly spring evening in 2021, Tim Nolan set up a portable addiction clinic next to a McDonald’s dumpster, and he waited. His desk was the dashboard of his gray Prius, his office this parking lot, which smelled like frying oil and trash. The hatchback of the nurse practitioner’s car was full of hepatitis C testing kits, clean needles, fentanyl test strips — and pizzas.”

Hepatitis: Will New Evidence For “same-day Test And Treat” Be A Game-changer?
“A new study published last month in the Journal of Hepatology can prove to be a game-changer as it provides strong evidence that “same-day test and treat model” for hepatitis is feasible and possible. In the light of this strong evidence, if governments have to keep their promise to end viral hepatitis by 2030, there must be no delay in fully making this model a reality for every person who needs hepatitis-care.”

Roles of microRNAs in Hepatitis C Virus Replication and Pathogenesis
“Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with the development of chronic liver diseases, e.g., fibrosis, cirrhosis, even hepatocellular carcinoma, and/or extra-hepatic diseases such as diabetes. As an obligatory intracellular pathogen, HCV absolutely relies on host cells to propagate and is able to modulate host cellular factors in favor of its replication. Indeed, lots of cellular factors, including microRNAs (miRNAs), have been identified to be dysregulated during HCV infection.”

Hepatitis C Treatment Restrictions In Spotlight After HHS Report
“Study finds one-third of insured adults have access to hepatitis C treatment within 360 days of the first positive test. CDC suggests treating all eligible patients without restrictions and eliminating preauthorization requirements. For state Medicaid programs, 38 states require prior authorization and 12 states have substance use restrictions.”

Triple Therapy Highly Effective in Patients With Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis
“Triple therapy with ribavirin plus sofosbuvir and daclatasvir increases the rate of sustained virologic response (SVR) achievement in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection complicated by cirrhosis, according to results of a study published in Annals of Medicine and Surgery.”

Opinion: Hepatitis C is so stigmatised that I didn’t want to go on living
“I was basically told I had Hepatitis C and that it would affect my liver, then sent out the door – there was no information or help about what to do next. It felt very hush-hush and stigmatising. It was horrendous; I felt down and depressed.”

If You’ve Done This, Get Your Liver Checked, Experts Say
“Your liver health can be affected by your everyday habits, such as the foods you eat and whether or not you drink alcohol. But many people with serious chronic liver conditions suffer from poor liver health not due to their lifestyles, but because of a one-time occurrence, such as having had a blood transfusion before 1992, or injecting drugs at some point in their lives. Now, experts are warning of one other risk factor—and it’s something that over 30 percent of Americans have done.”

WHO Updates HCV Recommendations in Pursuit of 2030 Goals
“The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued updated recommendations for addressing the major public health problem of hepatitis C virus (HCV) which call for “radical simplification” of care pathways and increased point of care (PoC) testing, if its Global Health Sector Strategy goals of 90% testing and 80% treatment are to be attained by 2030.”

Human Adenovirus Prominently Found in Children With Acute Hepatitis
“New data shows various clinical presenting features for pediatric patients in the UK with acute hepatitis of unknown causes.”

WHO Says Acute Hepatitis Cases in Children Now Reported in 11 Countries
“The World Health Organization said it is investigating an outbreak of acute hepatitis among children that now involves 11 countries, including the United States.”