HEPATITIS C-YA NHS on track for historic elimination of Hepatitis C by 2025 thanks to pioneering drug deal “The NHS is on track to eliminate Hepatitis C in England by 2025 thanks to a pioneering drug deal and campaign to find and help people at risk, health chiefs have said.” Repeated Measurement of FIB-4 to Predict Long-Term Risk of HCC Development Up to 10 Years After SVR “Conclusion: FIB-4 > 3.25 measured at SVR or any time post-SVR was associated with HCC risks. The repeated measurement of FIB-4 revealed a better predictive ability of HCC risks than the simple measurement of FIB-4 at baseline. The additional stratification of patients by combining FIB-4 and cirrhosis leads to more accurately identifying high-risk patients. Surveillance of HCC is recommended for virologically cured patients with a FIB-4 > 3.25 at SVR or anytime afterward and patients diagnosed with cirrhosis.”