“Hepatitis C by the Numbers” US House Map

The Caring Ambassadors Program “Hepatitis By The Numbers” Advocacy Map has been developed as a tool for you, the constituent, to use when calling your elected officials about hepatitis B or C. The map provides a quick snap shot of specific populations within each district. Depending on your district, you may have populations that are disproportionately affected by hepatitis B or C. Click on your district – you may be surprised. You can contact your elected official from the links provided.

For more information on how to write or call your Congressional Representative, click here. Feel free to send this map directly to your Congressional Representative.

Hawaii: Scroll the map to the right to view.

Note 1: A few geographic areas are not working in the map. We apologize for this technical issue. We hope to have them resolved soon.

Note 2: Please be patient when using the zoom function, the map data reloads and it takes a moment for the cursor to reset.

Data Sources and Disclaimer:

The data in this map is derived from the 2013 Census district level data multiplied by CDC NHANES prevalence rates for hepatitis B and C. This does not take into account the populations not captured in NHANES. These are estimates. Caring Ambassadors Program is not responsible for any errors in the data sets. These are to be used as informational only.