Week Ending August 9, 2021

Curing Hepatitis C Improves Liver Cancer Outcomes
“People treated with direct-acting antivirals had better overall survival than those whose hepatitis C remained untreated.”

Healthbeat: Racecar driver, liver health advocate’s “Race to End Hep C”
“We’re talking about Hepatitis C and while many diseases have a celebrity helping raise awareness and finding a cure, liver disease hasn’t really had that until now.”

Direct Acting Antivirals Safe, Effective for HCC Patients
“Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) are a suitable options to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients.”

Specialists Lead Charge in Direct-Acting Antiviral Prescriptions for Hepatitis C
“Allowing a broad range of physicians prescribing powers for direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapies for hepatitis C virus (HCV) could be beneficial worldwide.”