Week Ending May 2, 2022

WHO Reports 169 Cases of Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Origin in Children
“The World Health Organization has reported 169 cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in kids ages 1 month to 16 years old.1 The reporting comes as of April 23.”

Hepatitis C Treatment Is Effective for People 65 and Older
“Direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy has changed the face of treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV). Modern treatment is safe, generally well tolerated and cures most treated individuals. But its effectiveness and safety in older people, who make up a large proportion of the population with HCV, warrants further investigation.”

Hep C Without Symptoms? You Still Need to Get Treated
“Not experiencing any of these symptoms? Some cases of hep C clear on their own in a few months, but it’s still important to talk with your doctor ASAP to determine a proper treatment course that’s right for you.”

Mutational spectrum of hepatitis C virus in patients with chronic hepatitis C determined by single molecule real-time sequencing
“The emergence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) with resistance-associated substitution (RAS), produced by mutations in the HCV genome, is a major problem in direct acting antivirals (DAA) treatment.”

Does Hepatitis C Virus Treatment by Directly Acting Antivirals Obligate Shifting Patients with Type 2 Diabetes from Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs to Insulin Therapy?
“Achievement of sustained virologic response using interferon free, directly acting antivirals-based regimen was associated with significantly lower HbA1c 12 weeks after the end of therapy. The type of treatment used for type 2 diabetes (oral drugs or insulin) did not affect improved glycemic control observed after achieving sustained virologic response.”