Week Ending December 27, 2021

Surprising Things That Affect Your Balance
“Feel a little wobbly sometimes? Sneaky, age-related balance changes start in midlife — earlier than medical experts used to think, recent research shows. That can mean grabbing stair railings more often, feeling less confident on a rocky walking trail or uneven sidewalk, and even boosting risk for a dangerous tumble. Fight back with strategies that fine-tune your sense of balance from head to toes.”

12 Tips for Mindful Eating During the Holidays
“Ah, the holiday season. A time of year when indulgence abounds. Along with parties, gifts, and decorations, the festive season tends to be associated with food, and it can be easy to get so caught up in celebratory feasts and nostalgic treats that we lose track of regular, balanced meals and the other healthy eating habits that serve us so well the rest of the year.”

Supplements: Many Cancer Patients Think They’ll Help, But Experts Urge Caution
“Many cancer patients take dietary supplements in hopes of keeping their disease at bay, but British researchers say there’s little evidence it will pay off.”

What Are the Benefits of Sea Moss?
“A famous animated crab once sang, “The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.” But you don’t have to be a musically gifted crustacean to reap the benefits of sea moss — which offers a bevy of potential health benefits.”

The One Surprising Thing This MD Wants You To Focus On For Immunity
“Nutritious diets, regular exercise, good-quality sleep—all of these habits can help bolster your immune strength as we head into the holiday season. But because we could all use a little extra help right now, we connected with allergist and immunologist Heather Moday, M.D., to get her most up-to-date tips for supporting your immune response.”

Mounting Evidence Backs Massage Therapy’s Reduction in Postoperative Pain
“With growing amounts of data showing the benefits of hospital-based massage therapy (HBMT), complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professionals are recommending increased use of the integrative health practice in hospital settings to treat patients’ postsurgical pain, as well as anxiety, stress and insomnia related to their hospital stay.”

Everything You Need To Know About Antioxidants
“Antioxidants are one of those things you hear a lot about. Whether it’s from a healthcare provider or in advertising, there’s no getting around all the chatter about antioxidants and how important they are.”

Here’s How Much Exercise Works Best For Controlling Your Blood Pressure
“When it comes to exercise for heart health, you don’t want to peak too early in life. Recent research suggests that if you want to protect yourself against high blood pressure as you age, you need to play the long game and keep your exercise levels up through middle age.”

What Are Omega-3s, Actually? Here’s The Lowdown On These Healthy Fats
“Even during the days of low-fat everything, one specific type of fat maintained its “good for you” status: omega-3s. And though nutrition science and health trends have since brought all sorts of dietary fats back into the mainstream’s good graces, omega-3s still deserve some extra attention.”

There Are So Many Health Studies on Coffee. Which One Should You Trust?
“There’s no shortage of studies that make contradictory claims on coffee’s health benefits and risks.”