Week Ending December 6, 2021

Nutrition protects against aging better than drugs
“A recent study by the University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre compared the impact of diets and drugs on the functioning of human cells and aging. The researchers found that nutrition has a significantly higher influence on our metabolic health.”

Get Up and Dance to the Music
“Are you feeling anxious? Stressed? Depressed? According to researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute in China, you may be able to help yourself by following the lead of musicians Sly and the Family Stone and, more recently, will.i.am, who told us to “get up and dance to the music!”

A Thorough Guide To Holistic Treatment For Mental Health
“The thought of giving a speech in front of an audience makes you sick to your stomach. Do you choke back tears whenever you hear a kind remark from a close friend or family member? Surely you’ve experienced the agony of overthinking. A mind-body connection has the capacity to transform your life if you’ve had this experience. Thoughts, emotions, and physical health all have a role in one’s overall well-being, whether or not we are aware of it.”

Study confirms correlation between microbiome and glycemic response
“US scientists have shown for the first time that an individual’s gut microbiome activity will influence their glycemic response to foods.”

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper
“Looking to add a little spice to your life — or your diet? Cayenne pepper may be just what the doctor ordered. This popular red pepper adds versatile flavor to your meals and is chock-full of health benefits to boot.”

Health benefits of cupping therapy
“Cupping therapy has been a key element of Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and has been seen in many other ancient cultures across the globe. It most recently came to the attention of a wider audience during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, when several athletes, like the swimmer Michael Phelps, were seen with a series of round purple bruises on their skin.”

Anti-inflammatory food superstars for every season
“Berries and watermelon in the summer, kale and beets in the winter. The recipe for anti-inflammatory foods to enjoy can change with the seasons. Your heart, your brain, and even your joints can benefit from a steady diet of these nutritious foods, and scientists think that their effects on inflammation may be one reason why.”

How 11 Minutes of Exercise Can Help You Live Longer
“It’s no secret that exercise is key to a healthier and longer life. As you have likely heard, federal guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. Think: five days of 30-minute workouts like brisk walking, dancing or cycling. The guidelines also call for at least two sessions of strength training per week.”

Is It Normal To Wake Up Tired? We Asked A Sleep Specialist
“We all have those mornings once in a while when we’re just not as energized as we’d like to be. It happens to the best of us, but is it normal? To find out what’s really going on when you wake up tired, we spoke with Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., a board-certified sleep specialist. Here’s what he had to say.”