Week Ending September 13, 2021

NIH research projects on interoception to improve understanding of brain-body function
“The National Institutes of Health is awarding seven projects a total of $18.15 million over five years to a new effort focused on interoception—the ways in which organisms sense and regulate signals within their bodies. Interoception is not well understood and is a new area of research focus for NIH. This coordinated effort, which involves multiple NIH Institutes and Centers, will address critical knowledge gaps and challenges in understanding interoception that are not tackled by other major NIH research initiatives.”

The Secret Side Effect of Exercising for Just 60 Seconds, Says Study“In today’s modern exercise era when high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage, most fitness fanatics are well aware of the fact that you can get pretty fit in a fairly short amount of time.”

The Health Benefits of Essential Oils for Congestive Heart Failure
“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease accounts for nearly one in every four deaths in the country each year.”

Is Seafood Healthy? Types, Nutrition, Benefits, and Risks
“There’s no doubt that seafood can positively influence health. Decades of scientific research have shown that diets high in seafood may help protect you from a variety of health conditions.”

What Is Holistic Health and Wellness?
“When you think of visiting the doctor, you likely think about your physical health. However, physical health is only one aspect of wellness, which is why more medical professionals are working toward encouraging complete wellness with holistic approaches.”

Coaching the Medically Hesitant Patient
“John made an appointment to be seen in my clinic for “frozen shoulder.” When he came into my office I was shocked; his shoulder was the size of a basketball. The mass was impressive, to say the least: there were open sores from the skin being stretched so thin, it was hard to the touch and slightly warm – all signs this was a case for a trip to the hospital.”

How Complementary Therapies Help Me Prevent Migraines
“As I’ve learned more about my migraines — and triggers — over the years, I’ve also tried several alternative therapies to help me manage them. Some work well, especially if I’m good about doing them consistently. Others seem to just be a waste of time and energy. It’s hard to navigate since you really have to give things a legitimate try before writing anything off. It’s draining, exhausting, time consuming, and often expensive to manage.”

Is Turmeric Good Medicine?
“For hundreds of years, turmeric has been used not just as an earthy flavor enhancer but also as a remedy. People have turned to the spice—and to supplements made from one of its active components, curcumin—to treat a wide variety of ills, especially pain from the inflammation that comes with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.”

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water
“The next time you’ve got to quench your thirst, consider reaching for coconut water. The trendy beverage is full of natural vitamins and minerals that aid in hydration and is frequently found in smoothies and other recipes such as salad dressings.”

The Mood-Boosting Power of Flower Essence Therapy
“Flower remedies, or essences, are extracts from the botanicals themselves that are thought to contain mood-enhancing, beautifying, and healing capabilities. Flower and essence therapy generally refer to a type of therapy that uses bespoke flower essences for emotional health and balance—there isn’t just one type of flower therapy, however.“