Week Ending September 7, 2021

How To Spot The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Inflammation
“The “I” word is a biggie in the health world: inflammation. And it has somewhat of a split personality. Inflammation occurs naturally in the body and plays a key role in helping you recover from injury, trauma, and even a simple cut”

What is Reiki, and Does it Really Work?
“Maybe you’ve heard of reiki but don’t quite know what it is. Maybe you’re considering reiki but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you. Or maybe your doctor has suggested reiki as a form of therapy complementary to your existing medical treatments.”

Eating walnuts daily may lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
“A growing body of scientific research suggests that walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, may protect against heart disease. Over the years, a number of studies have investigated whether consuming walnuts might reduce cardiovascular risk factors”

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Tai Chi, From Improved Balance to Pain Relief
“We’ve all been told to move more, but if you have a limited range of motion, Tai Chi can help you reach your fitness goals—and reap other benefits too. It’s a traditional Chinese wellness practice comprised of a series of movements that you perform slowly and purposefully.”

Your Essential Guide To Essential Oils
“Essential oils are currently enjoying a renaissance in the world of holistic health and wellness—with fans touting their benefits for everything/effectiveness in treating everything from stress and anxiety to nausea and pain”

National Nutrition Week: Exploring The Ayurvedic Connection Between Emotions, Body Organs And Nutrition
“National Nutrition Week is observed to spread awareness about good nutrition, and health. This week, let us understand the little known ayurvedic connection between food, body organs and emotions”

9 Intriguing Benefits of Tangerines
“Like oranges, tangerines are orange in color — although some varieties may have shades of green or red. However, they’re a bit smaller and less round and are easier to peel by hand. They also have a sweeter taste.”

Kava shows benefits of herbal medicine
“A root native to the western Pacific Islands has made its way to the U.S., bringing with it helpful medicinal properties. Kava is rapidly gaining popularity due to its physical and mental health benefits. Studies have determined that it can aid in weight loss; help users cope with pain; and reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia.”