Week Ending August 30, 2021

What Is an Elimination or Exclusion Diet?
“Most diets are designed to help you lose weight or improve your health. An elimination diet is different. The goal with this plan is to help you feel better by identifying foods that are making you sick.”

Functional medicine: what it is and whether it’s right for you
“Functional medicine is a unique health care model that is growing in popularity among clinicians nationwide as demand increases among the patient population, particularly among people coping with chronic illness.”

What is Craniosacral Therapy?
“Smart consumers know that caveat emptor is the golden rule to observe before opening one’s wallet. The same standard should apply when it comes to signing up for what are known as “alternative” or “complementary” health and wellness therapies.”

The merger of conventional medical treatment with integrative medicine
“Tracy Gosson was first diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in April 2019 after feeling tired and not like herself for months. During her treatment, the founder of the branding and marketing company Sagesse began researching integrated treatment options.”

Majority of people with spinal cord injury use complementary and integrative healthcare
“In a cross-sectional self-report study led by experts from five Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems Centers, a survey of people with spinal cord injury revealed that 80 percent of participants were current or previous users of complementary and integrative healthcare approaches such as multivitamins, massage, and acupuncture.”

7 Surprising Foods That Can Interfere With Your Sleep
“Caffeine, whether it’s in the form of coffee, tea, or even chocolate, is a proven sleep disrupter, research has shown. But if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, those foods aren’t the only ones in your diet that may be responsible. Other things you consume before bed can also interfere with your sleep, depending on how your body reacts.”