Week Ending August 9, 2021

Vegan and paleo: Pluses and minuses to watch
“Our early ancestors were stuck eating whatever they could hunt or gather — a limited menu to be sure. Today, we can walk into a supermarket and choose from a multitude of options for diets based on choice, not chance. But what to choose with our health in mind?”

Vitamins and minerals aren’t risk-free: Six ways they can cause harm
“One reason dietary supplements are so popular is the perception they’re harmless. But like all drugs, there are many potential dangers from taking vitamins and minerals.”

Why Migraine Sufferers May Want to Eat More Fish
“A diet high in omega-3s, the fats found in fish, and low in omega-6s, found in many vegetable oils, led to fewer headaches.”

This Is What Color Therapy Is All About—and How to Try It at Home
“We all have a favorite color, a preferred palette, or a few hues that make us feel a certain kind of way. Maybe your favorite color is a calming blue, or an energizing orange, or perhaps even a fiery red that pumps you up for the day—all of which are excellent choices and could play a significant role in developing your personal color therapy.”

What is mindfulness and why is it good for our health?
“Meditation and mindfulness are trendy these days, but what is mindfulness and why is it so good for our health?”

Is Monk Fruit a Healthy Sweetener?
“Monk fruit extract, also called luo han guo fruit extract, is a recent addition to the sugar alternative market in the United States. Unlike some chemically based sugar alternatives, monk fruit extract is considered natural.”