Week Ending May 24, 2021

Dance your way to good health
“When people talk about exercise, running or lifting weights at the gym probably come to mind. But if you’re looking for something different or a little more fun, how about dancing?”

Eating 1 Cup of Green Leafy Vegetables Can Support Heart Health
“As if you needed another reason to eat your greens, new research shows that eating one daily cup of nitrate-rich vegetables can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.”

A Holistic Psychiatrist Explains The Barriers To Mindfulness In The Black Community
“Dropping into a meditation or mindfulness practice can be challenging for a variety of reasons. There’s plenty of misconceptions about what mindfulness means, how to practice it, and what the benefits even are—but as holistic psychiatrist Kimberly Sanders, M.D., tells us, these barriers extend even more deeply into Black communities.”

Mental Health Awareness Month: How Exercising Can Improve Your Mental Health
“Your Mental Health Matters!”

How to Restart Healthy Eating Habits
“Midway through cleaning out your car after another on-the-go week, a growing pile of crumpled fast food wrappers reveals a harsh reality: Your efforts to eat healthier definitely took a wrong turn.

I Thought I Was Dying & Nobody Believed Me — Then I Was Diagnosed With This
“While some health issues are visible to the outside world, many people face chronic conditions that don’t have externally visible signs or symptoms—also known as invisible illnesses. In mindbodygreen’s new series, we’re giving individuals with invisible illnesses a platform to share their personal experiences. Our hope is their stories will shed light on these conditions and offer solidarity to others facing similar situations.”

Exploring ‘exercise as medicine’
“If being sedentary is the new smoking, then UCI’s nascent Exercise as Medicine class is the modern equivalent of the old surgeon general’s warning on cigarette packs.”

How Does Complementary and Alternative Medicine Benefit Autism Spectrum Disorder?
“Autism is a disorder that responds best to treatment that is holistic and addresses all aspects of the condition. Recent research has shown a benefit for what is considered complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) or integrative medicine that focuses on pairing natural treatment approaches with behavioral therapies and treatments.”

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Is Becoming Less ‘Alternative.’ Here’s Why
“These check-ups are vital to ensure you’re healthy. But do you ever feel like you spend more time waiting for your doctor than you spend with them? Modern medicine is effective, but some people want more. That’s why the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is on the rise in the United States.”