Week Ending May 9, 2022

Non-Drug Therapy Can Help Insomnia in Cancer Survivors, But More Research Is Needed in Those Undergoing Treatment
“Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to improve insomnia in cancer survivors; however, research is lacking in whether it benefits patients with advanced-stage cancer and those undergoing active treatment, according to results of a study presented at the 47th Annual Oncology Nursing Society Congress.”

3 Ways To Harness The Healing Power Of Nature — And How To Give Back In Return
“There’s no denying that our health is intrinsically connected to the health of the planet. Without clean air to breathe, nutritious foods to eat, and biodiversity to keep the ecosystems functioning, we would cease to exist.”

How to boost your attention and ability to function with meditation, exercise and sleep
“Whether you’re driving a car with children yelling in the backseat or trying to read a book in a coffee shop while someone talks loudly on their phone, attention is essential for navigating and interacting with the world.”

How Gardening Can Improve Your Health
“When it comes to warm-weather activities that are good for your health, you probably think of walking, hiking or running. But there’s another beloved pastime that holds a lot of benefits with a bonus to boot: Gardening.”

New Report Reveals Surprising Insights into How Exercise Goals and Habits Change with Age
“Age Bold, Inc. (Bold), a digital health company delivering science-based exercise programs for balance and fall prevention, joint pain management, and healthier aging has announced the findings of its latest survey revealing the current state of exercise, health, and aging among older adults nationwide.”

8 Daily Habits to Boost Mental Health — and Signs It May Be Time to Get Support
“Mental health is a widely discussed concept, these days. You might notice discussions about mental health online, in conversation, on your favorite show, or any number of other places.”

Can tea prevent cancer and improve overall health?
“Leading scientists in the field of tea research recently met virtually at the Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health to discuss the current state of knowledge and the gaps in understanding about the benefits of tea. Researchers discussed many topics at the symposium, which included the potential beneficial effects of tea on cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and the prevention of cancer.”

The Intricate Tie Between Negative Emotions & Gut Health, From A Therapist
“Have you noticed that symptoms like stomachache, headache, gassy belly, or muscle pain might co-occur on days when you feel more frazzled? Like when you wake up with a mild headache, physical discomfort can set you up for a day of impatience, irritability, and overall frazzle-brain. It can feel and sound as if your body were a discordant instrument of noisy discomfort.”

Milk Thistle Promotes Brain and Liver Health, Detoxification & More*
“Among the wide array of herbal remedies that have captured the attention of humans, a distinct violet-hued flower with spikes has been fondly called upon for its detoxifying benefits. The story of milk thistle begins long ago. Tales from hundreds and thousands of years ago report its favored use.“

Why You Should Try Bedtime Yoga
“For the estimated 70 million adults who experience chronic sleep issues, bedtime yoga may be an effective addition to your nightly routine.1 Yoga is a mindfulness practice that connects the mind and body through intentional breathing, physical postures, and meditation.”