Week Ending January 10, 2022

Research shows myriad benefits of exercise. So why don’t we move more?
“When Jennifer Heisz talks about the health benefits of exercise, you can take her word on it. Not only is Heisz a Canada Research Chair and the associate director of McMaster University’s Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE), she’s also a triathlete who learned firsthand the value of physical activity.”

The psychology of sticking to your goals
“What’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Do you want to spend less and save more? Do you plan to get in shape? Lose some weight? Read more books? Stay in better touch with loved ones? Eat healthier? Work more? Relax more? “

Even 1 small change can lead to healthier eating. Here are 6 to consider.
“From the blitz of ads to the guilt-laden chatter among friends, you can’t escape them. While most diets have been rebranded as “lifestyle” plans, scratch their veneer and you get the same strict rules and body shaming.”

“Access to integrative healthcare services such as exercise counseling increases a breast cancer patient’s odds of survival, a recent study indicates.”

Impact of Chronic Loneliness Similar to “Smoking a Half-Pack of Cigarettes a Day for Many Years”
“A stroke four years ago turned 74-year-old David Walker’s life upside down, leaving the affable Navy veteran with vision trouble and paralysis in one leg. Except for occasional visits from a caregiver, Walker is mostly alone and confined to his San Francisco studio apartment.”

Consider putting a dietitian on your health care team
“As every January comes and goes, so do millions of people’s New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or improve their diet. We always caution folks not to resolve to simply shed pounds but instead to focus on making broader lifestyle changes, like getting outside more or eating more colorful, healthful food. These modest measures can have outsized impacts.“

4 Expert-Approved Tips To Be More Empowered In Your Health In 2022
“In order to make the best health care choices for yourself, it’s important to feel empowered in a doctor’s office setting. As researcher and medical decision-making expert Talya Miron-Shatz, Ph.D., declares on the mindbodygreen podcast: “You have vital information about your symptoms, about how you feel, about what you’ve been doing,” says Miron-Shatz. “And someone should listen to you.”

Migraine: Self-stimulating acupressure points to relieve an attack
“Acupressure is a type of complementary therapy that may help improve symptoms of migraine in some people. This technique is similar to acupuncture in that it involves stimulating distinct pressure points on different parts of the body. Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes moderate to severe head pain and other symptoms. For some people, this condition has serious consequences.”

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Higher Oxidative Stress?
“A new study published in Cureus reveals that vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased levels of oxidative stress. This novel research finding points to healthy vitamin D levels (i.e., addressing vitamin D deficiency) as a method to strike healthy antioxidant versus oxidant balance, aka homeostasis.”