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Weekly news updates are currently posted on the Internet site and sent out via e-blast to provide up-to-date information on what has been covered in the news regarding hepatitis C in the previous week.  Topics include all stories related to hepatitis C as well as personal stories and events.


HCV News

Week Ending 07/20/2014


Veterans with HCV genotype 3 at greater risk for cirrhosis, HCC

‘Veterans with hepatitis C virus infection genotype 3 displayed an increased risk for cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma compared with other genotypes, according to new study data. Fasiha Kanwal, MD, MSHS, of the department of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, and colleagues studied 110,484 patients from the VA HCV Clinical Case Registry between 2000 and 2009.’


Grant aids researchers in studying patients cured of HCV

‘Doctors from Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts General Hospital will be co-directing a $12 million grant to study patients who have been effectively cured of hepatitis C viral infection, according to a news release.’


Senators question Gilead Sciences CEO about pricey Hepatitis C drug, Sovaldi

‘Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and senior Finance Committee member Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Friday requested detailed pricing information on a costly new Hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug.’


National African American Hepatitis C Action Day Provides Health Resources Nationwide, July 25

‘National African American Hepatitis C Action Day (NAAHCAD), a national mobilization initiative officially proclaimed in July 2013, is aimed at reducing the high incidence of Hepatitis C infection in black communities. The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA), Coalition On Positive Health Empowerment (C.O.P.E.), and Harm Reduction Coalition will present their second annual Hepatitis C Action Day on Friday, July 25, throughout the nation.’


People With Both HIV & Hep C Have Raised Risk of Bone Loss

‘People coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) have a higher risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture than those who are infected with just HIV, and they have an even greater risk when compared with people who have neither virus, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in the journal AIDS, researchers conducted a literature review of 15 studies about coinfected people, nine of which included data about bone mineral density (BMD) and six of which had information about fractures.’


Patients with chronic HCV at increased risk for low muscle mass

‘New study results indicated that patients with hepatitis C virus infection were more likely to have low muscle mass than patients without the infection. In a cross-sectional study, Charitha Gowda, MD, MPH, division of infectious diseases, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, and colleagues analyzed data from 18,513 adults enrolled in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1999-2010).’



It’s life-threatening, yet hardly understood

‘Robert Walker resented the probing questions from a doctor about his alleged alcohol consumption. He was called into the physician’s office more than once following checkups when blood tests detected elevated liver enzyme levels. “He was telling me to quit drinking,” Walker recalled recently.’




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