Hepatitis C Challenge: Hep C Caring Ambassadors Program
Veterans' Free HCV Testing Sites

Veterans are eligible for free testing. Click on button above to find the nearest health facility in your area.

HepC Choices

Hepatitis C Testing Facilities

The HCCAP HCV Testing Sites map lists only facilities offering free or low cost hepatitis C screening services for those with limited resources due to lack of health insurance, lack of coverage for such testing, and/or limited financial resources.

People with health insurance coverage who want to be screened for hepatitis C are advised to see their doctor to request a hepatitis C screening test.

Availability of hepatitis C testing at a given site is subject to change. HCCAP recommends calling a facility to verify the current availability of hepatitis C testing and the process involved before scheduling or visiting that facility. Be aware that many facilities have limited hours or require appointments.

Hawaii: Scroll the map to the "right" to view.
Alaska: Scroll the map "down" and to the "right" to view.

Note 1: A few geographic areas are not working in the map. We apologize for this technical issue. We hope to have them resolved soon.
Note 2: Please be patient when using the zoom function, the map data reloads and it takes a moment for the cursor to reset.

Data Sources and Disclaimer:
Caring Ambassadors Program is not responsible for any errors in the data sets. These are to be used as informational only.

Hepatitis C can show no symptoms until advanced liver damage develops.

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