Hepatitis C Challenge: Hep C Caring Ambassadors Program
HepC Choices

Organizations and Support Groups

Address 1: Chapel Rock Christian Church
Address 2: 2020 N. Girls School Rd.
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Zip Code: 46214
Day Group Meets: Third Saturday except July, August and December
Time Group Meets: Noon
Contact name: Mike Rickey
Contact Phone: 317-894-4429
Contact email: rickeymikee@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.hepcark.org

African American Council on Liver Awareness (AACLA)
10515 Blue Ridge Blvd. Suite 207
Kansas City, Missouri 64134
Phone: 1.888.436.HEPC (8472)
Office: 1.816.767.8472
Fax: 1.816.442.8089
Internet address: www.aacla-national.org
The African American Council on Liver Awareness (AACLA) is a national organization promoting viral hepatitis prevention, treatment and research in order to optimize the health of the African American community. Hepatitis C Multicultural Outreach and Strengthened by Grace Ministries are two outreach programs of the AACLA, offer free screening, testing and referral services to underserved communities.

AIDS Community Research Consortium (ACRC)
1048 El Camino Real, Suite B
Redwood City, CA 94063-1633
Phone: 650-364-6563
Fax: 650-364-9001
Internet address: www.acrc.org
ACRC’s mission is to improve health and quality of life through compassionate programs that address prominent and emerging public health concerns.

AIDS Treatment Data Network (The Network)
611 Broadway, Suite 613
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-260-8868 or (800)734-7104, ext. 16 (toll free in New York)
Fax: 212-260-8869
Internet address: www.atdn.org
The Network provides local and national services to people with HIV and coinfected with HCV/HIV. The Access Project (TheAccessProject@aol.com) is the agency's national treatment advocacy and access program. They advocate for patients and assist providers in obtaining treatments for hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS related conditions.

Alert Health *
660 Northeast 125th Street
North Miami, FL 33161
Phone: 877-HELP-4-HEP
Fax: 305-893-7998
Internet address: www.hep-c-alert.org
Founded as Hep-C ALERT, the organization was a pioneer in the hepatitis C field. ALERT Health’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for people at risk for chronic disease, by providing accessible, integrated preventive health services. ALERT's clients are offered a variety of counseling and screening options during a single encounter. Services include counseling and testing for hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, and STDs; on-site treatment for bacterial STDs; and vaccination to prevent liver and cervical cancers.

American Liver Foundation *
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 603
New York, NY 10038-4810
Phone: 212-668-1000 or 800-676-9340
Fax: 212-483-8179
Internet address: www.liverfoundation.org
The American Liver Foundation is a national, voluntary, nonprofit health agency dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing hepatitis and all liver diseases.

California Hepatitis Alliance *
Center for Health Improvement
1330 21 Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, California 95811
Phone: 916-930-9200
Internet address: www.calhep.org
The California Hepatitis Alliance (CalHEP) seeks to reduce the scope and consequences of the hepatitis B and C epidemics, which disproportionately affect California’s ethnic communities and the socioeconomically underserved. Committed to culturally competent public education and awareness, CalHep focuses on sound public health policy and advocacy to improve California’s public health approach to liver wellness.

Caring Ambassadors Program *
PO Box 1748
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 503-632-9032
Internet address: www.HepCChallenge.org
The Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Program is a national nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to meeting the needs of the hepatitis C community. The mission is to improve the lives of people living with hepatitis C through information and awareness.

HCV Support *
P.O. Box 1077
South Dennis, MA 02660
Internet address: www.hcvsupport.org
HCV Support offers an informational forum and chat room for persons with Hepatitis C. They provide a place to post questions and share personal experiences regarding hepatitis C.

H.E.A.L.S of the South *
PO Box 180813
Tallahassee, FL 32318
Phone: 850-443-8029
Internet address: www.HEALSoftheSouth.org
The goal at HEALS is to expand awareness about liver health through educational programs, literature, and public speaking. Young people, veterans, minorities, and prison populations are some of the groups targeted by HEALS. By educating the public, they hope to aid in the prevention of hepatitis in all its forms.

Help & Education for Liver Patients (HELP!)
P.O. Box 2028
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-2028
Phone: 831-462-2979
Internet address: www.help4hcv.org
HELP! is a 501c3 non–profit organization dedicated to hepatitis C and organ donor awareness; support services for liver patients and their families; and integrated liver–&–life counseling for recovering addicts. Since 1998, HELP! has provided compassionate support, education, resource referral, and advocacy at all stages of liver disease, from newly-diagnosed to pre– & post–transplant to end-of-life.

Hepatitis B Foundation
3805 Old Easton Road
Doylestown, PA 18902
Phone: (215) 489-4900
Fax: (215) 489-4920
Internet address: www.hepb.org
The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national non–profit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life for those affected by hepatitis B worldwide. Their commitment includes funding focused research for HBV and HCV, promoting disease awareness, supporting immunization and treatment initiatives and serving as the primary source of information for patients and their families, the medical and scientific community and the general public.

Hep C Aware
P.O. Box 3122
North Hollywood, CA 91609
Phone: 818-769-2701
Internet address: www.hepcaware.org
Hep C Aware’s mission is to raise public awareness about hepatitis C through community events such as concerts, promotional materials, postcards, and other means.

Hep C Connection *
1325 S. Colorado Boulevard, B-302
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 303-860-0800 or 800-522-4372
Fax: 303-860-7481
Internet address: www.hepc-connection.org
Hep C Connection provides a hepatitis C network and support system to assist hepatitis C–challenged individuals and their families.

Hepatitis C Association *
1351 Cooper Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone: 866-437-4377
Fax: 908-561-4575
Internet address: www.hepcassoc.org
The Hepatitis C Association focuses on educating the public, creating awareness, promoting organ donation, and offering support to hepatitis patients. They do this through publications, an Internet site, a 24-hour toll–free support line, awareness pins, and educational programs.

The Hepatitis C Mentor & Support Group, Inc.
Email: HepatitisCMSG@gmail.com
Phone: 917-612-2731
Internet address: http://www.hepatitiscmsg.org/
We formed the Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group to address a lack of supportive services for people living with Hepatitis C. Support groups and patient mentoring services have been shown to be important elements of successful and cost effective medical care for patients with Hepatitis C and other chronic health conditions. These services improve the quality of life, as well as medical results, for individual patients.

Support groups and patient mentoring services are more important than ever as we enter a new and promising era of treatment for Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C Support Project *
P.O. Box 427037
San Francisco, CA 94142-7037
Phone: 415-587-8908
Internet address: www.hcvadvocate.org
The Hepatitis Support Project offers support to those who are affected by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Support is provided through information and education, and access to support groups. The Project seeks to serve the HCV community and the general public.

Hepatitis Education Project *
The Maritime Building
911 Western Ave #302
Seattle WA 98104
Phone: 206-732-0311
Internet address: www.hepeducation.org
The Hepatitis Education Project works to raise awareness about the facts concerning hepatitis patients and the resources available to help those who live with the disease..

Hepatitis Foundation International
504 Blick Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904-2901
Phone: 301-622 4200
Internet address: www.hepfi.org
Hepatitis Foundation International works to increase awareness of the worldwide problem of viral hepatitis, and to educate the public and health care providers about its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Hepatitis C Network of Hawaii
The Hepatitis Support Network of Hawaii is the oldest hepatitis prevention, education, treatment and support organization in the Hawaiian Islands. Our primary mission is to help save lives affected by hepatitis B and C as well as infectious diseases.
Internet Address: http://Hepatitissupportnetwork.org

Hepatitis Prevention, Education, Treatment and Support Network of Hawaii (HEPTS) *
3254 Olu Street
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: 808-221-6204
Fax: 808-758-5797
E-mail: KenAkinaka@aol.com
HEPTS is the only hepatitis B and C advocacy organization in Hawaii. It offers educational presentations and training opportunities for people with hepatitis and health care professionals.

LiverHope *
16807 Canterbury Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone: 952-933-0932
Internet address: www.liverhope.com
LiverHope provides support, promotes education, generates awareness, and advocates for quality medical care for all people with hepatitis in the metropolitan Minneapolis and St. Paul area of Minnesota.

MO Hepatitis C Alliance
601 Bus Loop 70 W., Suite 106
Columbia, Mo 65203
Phone: 866-434-1975
Internet address: www.mohepc.org/
The MO Hepatitis C Alliance mission is to provide education, testing, and follow-up care to all people affected by HCV in rural and Mid Missouri. They work to increase awareness of HCV to the general public, healthcare providers, and the corporate community.

National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
444 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 339
Washington D.C. 20001
Phone: 202-434-8090
Internet address: www.nastad.org
NASTAD strengthens state and territory-based leadership, expertise, and advocacy and brings them to bear in reducing the incidence of HIV infection and on providing care and support to all who live with HIV/AIDS. NASTAD’s vision is a world free of HIV/AIDS.

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
Internet address: www.nvhr.org
The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable is a coalition of public, private, and voluntary organizations dedicated to reducing the incidence of infection, morbidity, and mortality from viral hepatitis in the United States through strategic planning, leadership, coordination, advocacy, and research.

St. Luke's Texas Liver Coalition
6620 Main St., Suite 1505
Houston, TX 77030
Ph: 832-355-5119 / 800-72-LIVER
Fax: 832-355-5550
Web: www.texasliver.org
The Texas Liver Coalition started in 1995 as a Hepatitis C Support Group, in 2002 we were incorporated into the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and became the St. Luke's Texas Liver Coalition. They offer educational trainings, free HCV & HBV testing throughout Texas and the confirmatory test, have a toll free LIver Line for people to call and ask questions. They are also available through email. TLC continues to run 20+ Support Groups, provide twice a month Hepatitis C Treatment Training Classes (teach patients that are getting ready to go through treatment), and designed an informational/educational CD called Hep C D with various links, presentations, etc. that is given to interested clients, and I try to find resources for people that need help.

San Louis Obispo Co. Hepatitis C Project *
P.O. Box 15130
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93406
Phone: 805-543-4372
Internet address: www.slohepc.org
The San Luis Obispo County Hepatitis C Task Force is dedicated to educational outreach, public awareness, and the on-going study of community needs regarding the impact of Hepatitis C in San Luis Obispo county.

Status C Unknown *
P.O. Box 735
Medford, NY 11763
Phone: 631-776-8095
Toll-Free 866-466-5086
Internet address: www.statuscunknown.com
Status C Unknown is an awareness organization that is dedicated to dispelling myths regarding hepatitis C. They provide support and education to all communities.

Treatment Action Group
611 Broadway, Ste. 308
New York, NY 10012-2608
Phone: 212-253-7922
Internet address: www.aidsinfonyc.org/tag/index.html
The Treatment Action Group's Hepatitis/HIV Project collaborates with activists, community members, scientists, government, and drug companies to make life-saving information, prevention, and safer, more tolerable, and more effective treatment for viral hepatitis and HIV available to all people who need it. It forges coalitions with activists worldwide to demand universal access to prevention, care and treatment for viral hepatitis and HIV.

Veterans Aimed Toward Awareness (VATA) *
111 West Main St.
Middletown, DE 19709
Phone: 302-378-1415
Internet address: http://www.charityblossom.org/nonprofit/veterans-aimed-towards-awareness-inc-townsend-de-19734-terrance-l-baker-510388432
VATA is a member-run organization of veterans. Their outreach and advocacy is by and for the men and women who served in the nation’s military services and their families. VATA seeks political and social change within the veteran’s health system, the community, our state, and our country.

Women of a Certain Age . . .
Women of a Certain Age… provides local resources for women over fifty for information and support regarding HIV/AIDS, sexual health and Hepatitis C prevention education. WOACA disseminates this information through peer educators in community settings including churches, garden groups, workplace sites and other venues. WOACA was founded by Jacki Gethner (LMT, Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor and a resident of Portland, Oregon. Jacki is a renowned international health advocate, activist and educator.

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