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January 2008


Valeant sells hepatitis C drug
“Valeant Pharmaceuticals International said Thursday that it will sell Infergen, a hepatitis C drug, to Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals LLC for $91.3 million. The Aliso Viejo drug maker will get $70.8 million in cash and up to $20.5 million in two payments during the next 18 months. In November Valeant said it planned on selling Infergen, which accounted for $8.6 million in sales and costs of about $18.6 million in the quarter. Selling Infergen to Cranberry Township, Pa.-based Three Rivers "is an important step forward" in simplifying Valeant's operations, Chief Executive Timothy Tyson said in a release.”

Province reinstituted controversial free crack pipe distribution program
“Access to free, clean crack pipes in Ottawa will continue next year despite the city's opposition to the controversial program. Jack McCarthy, director of the Somerset West Community Health Centre, said the news was confirmed Friday by a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care spokesman. "We have not officially heard in writing, but the minister is committed to funding this program," Mr. McCarthy said, adding he is pleased with the news.”

Romark raises $18 million
“Romark Laboratories LC received $18 million in institutional financing with the D.E. Shaw Group. The funding will enable Romark to advance development of its lead compound, nitazoxanide, for the treatment of hepatitis C, and advance its next-generation thiazolide drug candidates for the treatment of hepatitis B and C and other viral diseases, according to a release. Romark is currently conducting a U.S. Phase 2 trial of nitazoxanide in hepatitis C patients who have failed standard treatments, and expects to begin a U.S. Phase 2 trial in treatment naive patients in the first quarter of 2008.”

GlobeImmune begins trial with hepatitis C candidate
“GlobeImmune has started a Phase II trial to evaluate GI-5005 Tarmogen for the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C infection. The drug is being evaluated as a potential therapy in combination with the standard of care, pegylated interferon plus ribavirin. The randomized, open-label, multi-arm, multicenter trial is evaluating GI-5005 in combination with full duration standard of care versus standard of care alone in patients who are either treatment-naive or unresponsive to previous therapy. This study will enroll 120 patients in the U.S., India and Europe, GlobeImmune said.”

Health campaign leads to greater testing for hepatitis C
“"More people are being tested for hepatitis C leading to more cases being diagnosed, according to the Health Protection Agency (HPA). The HPA credited the rise in testing to the NHS campaign, FaCe It, which was launched in December 2004. It targeted both medical professionals and the public in support the government's hepatitis C action plan for England. But despite the campaign, the HPA still expects the number of people with hepatitis C-related end stage liver disease to increase to 2,670 by 2015.”

Guam doc urges physicians to test middle-aged patients for hepatitis C
“A doctor based in Guam urged his fellow physicians and other medical personnel to encourage their patients aged 40 to 45 to test for hepatitis C, especially if their patients have a history of drug use when they were younger.
Dr. Nathaniel Berg said hepatitis C is a big problem on Guam given the history of extensive heroin use among residents back in the 1970s and the 1980s. During those years, Berg noted that many Guam residents were hooked on heroin and addicts used to share needles, a practice that guaranteed the transmission of hepatitis C to unsuspecting users.
The doctor also tackled the need to reject suggestions to isolate those infected with hepatitis C or other diseases like HIV/AIDS from the rest of the community.”

Medivir and Tibotec collaborate for hepatitis C treatment
“Medivir has reported that it is collaborating with Tibotec Pharmaceuticals to develop HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitors for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection. The drug candidate, TMC435350, recently advanced into Phase II of the clinical trial program. The first Phase IIa study was initiated in Europe by Tibotec Pharmaceuticals at the end of November.”

Novelos concludes hepatitis C safety trial
“Novelos Therapeutics has concluded the initial US-based double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase Ib trial evaluating Nov-205 as monotherapy in chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 patients who previously failed treatment with pegylated interferon plus ribavirin. Based on favorable safety data in this 14-dose trial with 18 subjects (12 treated with Nov-205 and six with placebo), Novelos plans to initiate a longer proof-of-concept trial in hepatitis C non-responders in the second half of 2008.”

Surge in hepatitis C diagnoses reported [England]
“The number of new cases of hepatitis C in England jumped 10% in 2006, new figures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) reveal. In 2006 8,346 of the viral infection were diagnosed, up from 7,580 cases in 2005. But public health experts say that the increase is down to much better awareness of the disease rather than a surge in new infections. The death of Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick, who openly talked about her hepatitis C infection and a Department of Health campaign to boost uptake of testing for the virus helped to raise its profile.”

7.5m hepatitis C patients in country
“There are 7.5 million patients of hepatitis C in Pakistan and the number is still on the rise, said consultant herpetologist at Holy Family Hospital Dr. Mohammad Umar while speaking on topical issues of hepatitis on the second day of a scientific conference here. The Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) organised a scientific conference on 'Research - A Tool for Development in the 21st Century' on December 14-15. The scientific programme of the conference concluded on Saturday evening. The scientific programme was followed by a general body meeting of Rawalians (Association of Old and Current Graduates of Rawalpindi Medical College), which was largely attended.”

'Commercial donors' cater to 90% of transfusion [Pakistan]
“KARACHI: Ninety percent of the blood donated in Pakistan is by non-volunteer or commercial donors, and this blood is increasing the prevalence of HIV/ Aids and Hepatitis by 40 percent, said health experts here Thursday at a seminar on "HIV/Aids and Blood Safety" organized by the Hussaini Blood Bank in collaboration with the National and Sindh Aids Control Program and Transfusion Authority.”

Condoms proposed for Vic prisoners [Canada]
“A major policy reform, the Victorian government is considering giving the state's prisoners access to condoms. The move comes after studies showed more than half of male prisoners in Victoria had hepatitis C, the Herald Sun reported, and would end an eight-year ban on condoms in jails. Mr. Brumby would not confirm the initiative, but a spokesman for Corrections Minister Bob Cameron said the government was exploring ways to introduce condoms to prisons.”

Bile acid may improve hepatitis C therapy response
“NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A bile acid - called ursodeoxycholic acid -- may improve response to treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) who don't respond to standard therapy with interferon and ribavirin, Japanese researchers report in the medical journal Gut. Ursodeoxycholic acid is a secondary bile acid that breaks down fat, and reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver and absorbed by the intestines. It also helps break down cholesterol that has formed into gall stones and increases bile flow in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis.”

Tattoo health concerns spark FDA warning, as agency announces new tattoo study
“Tattoos carry serious health risks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned on Friday, and it urged consumers to think about health and safety before getting tattoos. For its part, the FDA announced that it is implementing its own study of issues involved in the ancient art. The potential to transmit infections through unsterilized needles has been known for years; however, few investigations have reviewed health effects linked to tattoo inks and pigments, which is now an agency focus.”

Cubist Pharmaceuticals acquires Illumigen Biosciences
“Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Illumigen Biosciences, Inc. announced today that Cubist has acquired Illumigen pursuant to a definitive agreement and plan of merger entered into on December 24, 2007. Illumigen's lead compound is IB657, a protein therapeutic in pre-clinical development for the treatment of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infections. Cubist expects that an IND for IB657 will be filed in 2008.”

Scientists closing in on hep C vaccine
“There is progress in the development of a vaccine for the hepatitis C virus. The main obstacle to a vaccine has always been the evolving nature of the virus, which affects around 200,000 Australians, and the different strains that can co-exist within the body to cause infection. The majority of those infected by the virus have such a weak immune system that their bodies cannot naturally fight the disease.”

Treatment could slow hep C
“EDMONTON - Researchers at the University of Alberta have teamed up with California scientists to devise a potential treatment that could, for the first time, head off hepatitis C -- especially in patients who have had liver transplants. Hepatitis C affects about 240,000 Canadians and an estimated three per cent of the world's population. The number of people infected is increasing rapidly in Canada and around the world, according to Health Canada. The disease is spread by contact with infected blood and needles.”

Campaign to raise awareness of Hepatitis C among health professionals is stepped up [Scotland]
“An information campaign targeted at professionals with the aim of improving their knowledge of Hepatitis C and tackling stigma is being stepped up. Launched nearly a year ago, the Scottish Government-led campaign has been focused on reaching around 16,000 health and non-health professionals, including GPs, NHS managers, Hepatitis C nurses, drug support workers and social workers, across the country.”


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