Hepatitis C Caring Ambassadors Program Newsletter

October 2005


In The News


Hepatitis C Infection Associated With Type 2 Diabetes


“There appears to be a connection between non-cirrhotic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and type 2 diabetes, Italian researchers report in the October issue of Diabetes Care.”

Public Health Groups to Hold L.A. Hepatitis C Summit


“The Alliance and other public health groups are teaming up to hold the third annual Hepatitis C Summit in in Los Angeles on November 17.  The summit will provide a forum for education and discussion among local elected and appointed officials, community-based organizations, medical experts and consumers on the emerging hepatitis C epidemic and the impact of the disease on infected individuals and at-risk populations in Los Angeles County.”

Hepatitis C Leadership Summit, October 29-30, Seeks to Elevate the Current Response to the Hepatitis C Epidemic


“The Healthcare Advocacy and Research Collaboration Project (HARCP), a non-profit organization, and The Bruckner Group, are pleased to announce the Hepatitis C Leadership Summit (HCVLS), a private meeting taking place October 29-30 in Boston.”

Hepatitis C complicated by morphine withdrawal


“Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated that Morphine withdrawal complicates hepatitis C by suppressing IFN-alpha-mediated immunity and enhancing virus replication.”

Punk Rock Unites For Hepatitis C Awareness


“In 2004, a national coalition of musicians was formed by singer Kelly Zirbes to help raise awareness about Hepatitis C. After many years of educating others about Hep C, Kelly and her band, Kelly's Lot, decided to invite other bands to join them in their cause. This coalition of musicians distributes postcards…”

Genital tract a 'sanctuary site' for hepatitis C virus in coinfected HIV-positive women


“Hepatitis C virus (HCV) appears to be compartmentalised in the genital tract of women coinfected with HIV, and may replicate independently, according to a study from the United States and Poland published in the November 1st issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, now available online.”

Hepatitis-C virus stopped from multiplying


“A Japanese research team says it has found a method that prevents the hepatitis-C virus from multiplying.”

Alliance Emerges as Leader in Hepatitis C Prevention and Treatment Policy


“Although the words hepatitis or liver do not appear in the organization's name, the Drug Policy Alliance has emerged as one of the leading hepatitis C virus prevention and treatment advocates in the United States. Syringe sharing is the leading cause of hepatitis C in the U.S. today, and most medical experts agree that access to clean syringes…”

Past Illegal Blood Donation In China Linked To Hepatitis C Virus Infection


“Research in a rural province of central China has documented that illegal blood donation practices led to high hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection rates in blood and plasma donors during the 1980s and early 1990s, and that failure to screen for HCV in transfusion recipients increased their risk of infection as well, according to an article in the November 15 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, now available online.” 

MultiCell and Thomas Jefferson University to study potential Hepatitis C treatment


“MultiCell Technologies Inc. has entered into a research collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University, a medical and health sciences university in Philadelphia, to evaluate the company’s immortalized human liver cells as model systems to identify new drugs to treat hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection.”

Artist Takes on New Role as Hepatitis C Spokesperson


“Penny Arcade is accustomed to being noticed. The 55-year-old performance artist has been a poster child for the East Village avant-garde art scene since Andy Warhol roamed the city. In recent years she’s become a vocal proponent for artists living in this increasingly gentrified neighborhood. So when she was diagnosed with hepatitis C two-and-a-half years ago…”

Hepatitis C Found More Frequently in Semen of Men Coinfected with HIV/HCV


“Hepatitis C virus is found significantly more frequently in the semen of men who are coinfected with HIV than in the semen of men who are only infected with hepatitis C (HCV), according to research published in the November 4th edition of AIDS.”

Liver transplantation due to Hepatitis C: alpha-SMA, a biomarker, predicts recurrence of disease


“Two studies on hepatitis C (HCV) patients who underwent liver transplants examined a potential biomarker that could be used to predict who might develop hepatic fibrosis, a formation of scar-like tissue that can lead to cirrhosis.” 

Survey indicates lack of public awareness Hepatitis C


“The survey, conducted by SYNOVATE research, studied the behavior of a varied group of UAE nationals and citizens. A well balanced mix of 330 Emiratis, Arab and Asian ex-pats coming from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain were involved. The conclusions of the survey highlight the lack of awareness on how Hepatitis C is transmitted, the consequences of the disease and possible treatment of it.”
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HIV/HCV Coinfection


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