Hepatitis C Challenge: Hep C Caring Ambassadors Program

Important link if you are considering the new therapies. Be sure to talk with your doctor about all of your other medications prior to taking any prescription.

Treatments for hepatitis C are evolving faster than ever and the Caring Ambassadors Program is actively working on updating Hepatitis C Choices to reflect all of these exciting developments. While many sections of the book are as relevant as ever, Part 2, which covers Treatment and Management Approaches, is being completely rewritten to reflect new science and current practice. Check back soon for completely updated 2014 5th edition. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that you review the Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C that were developed by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. These guidelines, which the Caring Ambassadors Program strongly endorses, can be found at www.hcvguidelines.org.

Hepatitis C Choices Book and DVD Series, 4th Edition

Table of Contents

Individual chapters are available below in PDF format, or you can download the complete book here (9.23MB)

PART 1: Information for Everyone with Hepatitis

1: How to Use Hepatitis C Choices
(4 pages, 436 KB)

2: Overview of Hepatitis C (8 pages, 470 KB)
Robert G. Gish, MD

3: Alcohol and Hepatitis C (10 pages, 639 KB)
Douglas R. LaBrecque, MD and Lorren Sandt

4: Understanding Hepatitis C Disease

5: Signs and Symptoms That May Be Associated with Hepatitis C (8 pages, 385 KB)
Tina M. St. John, MD

6: Laboratory Tests and Procedures
(20 pages, 1.17MB)
Tina M. St. John, MD

7: The Immune System and Hepatitis C

PART 2: Hepatitis C Treatment and Management Approaches

8: Western (Allopathic) Medicine

9: Integrative Medicine (7 pages, 429 KB)
Randy J. Horwitz, MD, PhD and Julia Jernberg, MD

10: Ayurvedic Medicine (13 pages, 535 KB)
Shri K. Mishra, MD, MS, Bharathi Ravi, BAMS, and Sivaramaprasad Vinjamury, MD

11: Chinese Medicine

12: Homeopathic Medicine (8 pages, 424 KB)
Sylvia Flesner, ND

13: Mind-Body Medicine & Spiritual Healing
(12 pages, 481 KB)
Sharon D. Montes, MD

14: Naturopathic Medicine (14 pages, 509 KB)
J. Lyn Patrick, ND

15: Nutrition and Hepatitis C (12 pages, 431 KB)
Lark Lands, PhD

16: Nutritional Supplementation (9 pages, 394 KB)
Lark Lands, PhD and J. Lyn Patrick, ND

17: Products Marketed to People with Hepatitis C
(12 pages, 467 KB)
J. Lyn Patrick, ND

PART 3: Other Topics for People Living with Hepatitis C

18: Women and Hepatitis C (12 pages, 1.49 MB)
Norah Terrault, MD and Jessica Irwin, PAC

19: Hepatitis C in Children (6 pages, 431 KB)
Aparna Roy, MD, MPH and Kathleen Schwarz, MD

20: HIV/HCV Coinfection

21: Mental Health & Hepatitis C

22: Military Veterans & Hepatitis C
(8 pages, 463 KB)
Terry Baker

23: Choosing: My Journey, My Choices
(16 pages, 614 KB)
Randy Dietrich

24: A Look to the Future (8 pages, 434 KB)
Lorren Sandt



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