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Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

CAP-Hepatitis C Supporters

CAP-Hepatitis C belongs to you, the community.
Over the years, we have received generous support from a broad array of public and private donors including individuals, private foundations, and corporations.

We thank each and every one of you for your generosity.

A partial list of some of our past and ongoing supporters includes:

Organizational Donors

Patton Boggs, LLC

Current Communications

Gilead Sciences

Greek Cusina

Hepatitis C Awareness

Hot Lips Pizza

Illumigen Biosciences

Fred Meyer, Inc.

Mucho Gatos

National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council


Republic Financial Corporation

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Schwab Charitable Foundation

Schering Plough, Inc.

Signs Today

St. Paul Foundation

Taco Del Mar

United Way/Columbia & Willamette

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

World Cup Coffee

Yanari, Watson, and McGaughey PC

Individual Donors

R. Armstrong Family

J. Aubrey

A. Berce

A. Wagner-Billups

R. Bloom

R. Boyar

H. Bramley Family

M. Brewster Family

Browning Family

W. Buettner Family

T. Burke Family

I. Butler

T. Campbell Family

P. Canavan

A.C. Chavis 

D. Christ Family

M.A. Clark

M. Cohen

K. Conway

J. Corson Family

B. Daniels

A. Danielson

D. DaVisa

B. Davis

E.E. Davis

L. Davis

T. Diedrich

R. Dietrich Family

M. Dimino

A. Douchane

S. Eger Family

P. Enter

R. Everson

M. Finser

S. Finser Family

M. Fitzharris

A. French

W. Gaston Family

M. Girillo

Gleser Family

A. Gorbatai

P. Graham

D. Grierson

B. Haan

M. Haas

R. Hanna Family

S. Harper

J. Heaston

M. Holden

R. Holman

A.P. Huppert

H. Hutchison

C. Jones

P. Kalan Family

R. Koenig Family

B. Kramer

S. Kuntz

S. Larson

M. Lathrop

R. Lebo

LoCicero Family

B. Lysaught

W. Lysaught Family

M. Mait

R. Marks

J. Martina Family

C.M. Mason

P. Mason

E. Massey

K. Masterson

S. May

G. McCarthy Family

E. McNees

J. Milde

B. Mitchel

L. Mons

P. Monson Family

J. Moran

N. Morton Family

M. Mulhern Family

C. Mullins

J. Murphy Family

S. Nevers Family

J. Palley Family

T. Pendergast

R. Perkins

J. Possehl Family

T. Prenger Family

S. Raymond Family

D. Reardon

K. Rusinow

M. Sandt

A.M. Scalise

J. Schroeder

T. Serna

J. & G. Shultz

V. Siegel

D. Simpson Family

R. Sorrentino

C. Spence

C. Stark

J. Stirbis Family

Stringham Family

T. St. John Family

D. Uczekaj

C. Vigoda

P. Vaillancourt

D. Viseur Family

R. Vogel

B. Webb

R. White Family

M. Wickenheiser Family

S. Willamuer

L. Wolf

M. Wolny

G. Wolverton

J. Wolverton

R. Wolverton

M. Wrend Family

There are vast needs in the hepatitis C community and CAP-Hepatitis C remains passionately committed to working to meet the needs of the HCV community.

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Public support is essential for the Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Program to continue working for the hepatitis C community.

Please consider joining us in this work with a donation today

Hepatitis C is the most common indication for adult liver transplantation in the United States.

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