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History and Functions of the Hepatitis C Brainstorming Team

Hepatitis C is a major health concern throughout the world. Addressing the medical, economic, cultural, personal, and social issues surrounding the disease is highly complex. Although progress has been made in hepatitis C management, additional improvements are needed. These improvements can only be made through the development of new and/or modified treatment options.

One of the problems facing the hepatitis C community is a lack of communication and coordination. The complexity of the issues surrounding hepatitis C and personal time constraints contribute to this problem. Further, health care professionals from different disciplines and philosophies infrequently come together to discuss the challenges of hepatitis C.

The Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Program has made it a goal to break down barriers and establish lines of communication by bringing different health care disciplines together to share knowledge and experiences, and to come up with new ideas. We believe this type of collective brainstorming is an ideal pathway to new discoveries and creative solutions.

To realize our goal, we invited experts from different health care disciplines who are dedicated to helping those affected by hepatitis C to become a part of our Hepatitis C Brainstorming Team. The team includes hepatologists (medical doctors who specialize in liver diseases), traditional Chinese medicine specialists, naturopathic physicians, basic scientists, patient advocates, and others. This esteemed group meets twice yearly for 3-day meetings that include presentations and an in-depth focus on one or more topics of interest to the group. The majority of the meeting time is taken up with lively group discussion and idea generation. A guest who specializes in a specific area of interest to the Team is invited to each meeting.

As a result of the efforts of CAP-Hepatitis C and the Team, we are breaking down walls, opening lines of communication, and slowly finding ways to determine what treatments or combinations of treatments may show promise.

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