HHS announces the launch of the Partner Planning Guide (Guide) for the National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020 (Action Plan).

The National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020 (Action Plan) is a new phase in the fight...


Stigma stops the majority of people living with viral hepatitis enjoying the quality of life they...

Viral Hepatitis Updates from the HHS Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy

New research from the CDC suggests that the recent steep increase in cases of acute hepatitis C...

America Is Falling Behind in Hepatitis Elimination Efforts

More than 60 organizations, including NVHR, signed onto a letter urging the Trump administration...

Expanded HCV Coverage in OR!

If you have been denied the CURE by the state of Oregon call your doctor and schedule an...

Progress Toward Viral Hepatitis Elimination in the United States

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The Caring Ambassadors Program uses a unique approach in our work to address the elimination of viral hepatitis and specifically hepatitis C. Our three main methods to combat hepatitis C are to Empower patients and providers to increase their knowledge of hepatitis C to improve access a cure; to Educate systems and communities on how to integrate viral hepatitis services into existing programming; and to Advocate on behalf of patients and communities to create sound policy, funding and messaging. We are honored to serve the community to help eliminate the largest infectious disease outbreak of our time; we promise to be BOLD in our approach to creating paths to health and making hepatitis C history.

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